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Nav monitor just shows 'Intravee' after firmware update. Cause and Fix.

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If you are running the V6.02 firmware on a Mk IV Nav system and all you see on the Nav monitor when the Intravee source is selected is the word 'Intravee', like this :




The the Intravee has not detected the UI mode correctly, it's running in 'Business Nav' mode.


The most common cause of this is a guy that repairs the Nav computer called NavTVMan, he advertises on e-bay and also has a web site,


There is nothing wrong with the repair of the Nav, but he deliberately configures the Nav incorrectly to prevent people changing the Nav software.  This configuration causes the Nav to report that it's running the Business Nav software and so the Intravee configures itself to UI3 and not the correct UI, UI6.  As more Nav computers are getting repaired this problem is becoming more common.


The fix is to change the Intravee UI and force it to UI6.  You can do this with downloader program using the console commands


setui 6



or you can use the head unit method described in the User Guide.  On setting the Intravee to UI6 it will then work correctly.



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Ah yes I remember mine doing this and being a real pain lol. His repairs are good and he is also aware of the issue with the intravee but he does it so when people have repairs by him which are under warrenty and then try to flash different firmware which locks the meh unit he can tell it's been done and no longer under his warrenty.

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I was also having problems as stated with being stuck on intravee with mine after update and spent a while trying to sort it out, thinking I must have a dodgy serial cable. I then contacted Richard through this forum and he told me what to do and within 2 mins all working fine. So thanks again to Richard, saved me even more frustration.

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