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Be careful what you say.

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Ladies and Gents.

Please can I remind everyone that posts here that this is a public forum.

Sounds obvious, I know, but this does mean your posts can be read by anyone that logs onto this forum, including the Police and other authourities, who do visit us from time to time.

Anything posted on this forum could be used in evidence against the poster at a later time, this could include such examples as: admissions of driving at an inappropriate speed, inconsiderate driving, aggresive driving, deliberate causing of an accident or drink/drug driving.

Whilst I feel that none of us would condone the above, there are people in this world that feel it is amusing to boast and brag about such behaviour.

Therefore please be extremely careful about what you post.

The Forum Management are obligated to do everything in their power to assist any police equiries as a result of what has been posted on this forum. This includes deleted material.

The Management of this forum would also take action against any thread deemed to bring this forum into disrepute.

This notice has not been made because of an incident on this forum and as far as the Management are aware, no-one is in trouble. This is just a friendly reminder and some precautionary advice as we would not wish to see anyone prosecuted for something that they have posted on here.

Any questions, please PM me.


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