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After market E12 M535i cam

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Does anyone have any suggestions? My stock M90 cam is worn and I want to upgrade it to a more modern fast road profile.


There seems to be very limited choice and I can't find a Schrick supplier anywhere in the UK... Argh!



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I have a good used low miles M90 cam going spare if you don't find a fast road version. I understand that the cam was fitted new into a rebuilt head which was then bolted onto the block using a 3430 M30 gasket instead of the 3453 M90 gasket, hence the engine kept overheating and the owner gave up on the car as a result.


I bought the car to break and only found the gasket issue whilst stripping the engine down (the car was a totally rusted out E12 based E24, god knows why they rebuilt the engine on it).


So the cam is low miles and the gasket issue would not have led to oil starvation. PM me if interested

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