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E28 518i gasket nightmare

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Hi all I'm having a nightmare trying to get a lower sump gasket for my '88 518i. I ordered one to match my car data at BMW which turned out to be too small. BMW say my car should have an m40 engine with a one piece sump but I seem to have a two piece which if I'm right is an m10 block. But my head is an m40 as the manifold gaskets fitted from BMW and I believe the m10 had smaller manifold ports than the m40. I've looked every where for a lower sump gasket for an m10. Does anyone know where I can get one?

Thanks in advance.

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Several things amiss here, firstly if you had posted this item in the e28 section, someone would have replied and offered advice by now, secondly, i do not understand why the confusion, i you have supplied the correct info to your main dealer, there can be no confusion, in 1988 if you ordered an e28 518i, it came with an m10 motor, nothing else, chain driven cam, if you ordered an e34 5i8i, it came with an m40 motor, nothing else, belt driven cam, i cant imagine for a moment, that anybody would retro fit the very lack lustre m40 into an e28, that conversion would be a very retrograde step.


So, if you have an e28 and you are not confused about that? then ordering an m10 sump gasket from your main dealer should be a painless straightforward experience, if for some reason this item is no longer available, then making one with some thick gasket paper, or cork sheeting is not too difficult, either way it is not an insolvable problem.

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