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Ajay Singh Gore

Gore's E39 Project 2014 CSL Bootlid

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Ajay - good to have a brief chat with you the other evening at Ace ! as always, the banter is well appreciated and I'm sure soon J's E38 will be running 20 or 21's ! I hope you've been busy shortlisting wheels for your car as well ;)


Dave16v - I can tell you that in real life, the car is even better ! I had the good fortune to see it and meet the owner as well as have a tour of his shop in LA whilst we discussed a few business aspects - a real credit to all the work put into the car!







Cheers, Dennis!

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Hi Dennis, sorry to go slightly off topic but can you pm me i am interested in a mod you did a while back and am looking to do the same, ty

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Been a very long time since I've updated this. Car was vandalised not to long ago by some idiot. Have just had it repaired and it's now under covers for winter whilst I search for some wheels!

Have had a lot of bad luck with the car lately. It should be back out in 2015, hopefully a better year!

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It's been under the covers a lot longer then I liked but I bought it back out today, new disa valve, vanos seals, full service and a new set of (temporary) wheels!

The car is a bit too low for my liking and I will raise the front.

Next is to get the diff refurbished, an exhaust from pro fusion in Heathrow and a colour change on the wheels if I don't get a new set.




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