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Evening Gents,

Haven't posted in a while but have been checking the forum to see what you guys are upto.

Basically with insurance being nice to me this year I was finally able to buy me an e28!!!

I grew up with one and fell to love it and wanted one ever since.


You guys may have seen it for sale on ebay for a few months, a 'C' reg 1986 525e in Colchester, which was advertised for way more than it was worth!!!

Went to view it, fell in love, totally solid bodywork, not perfect but rust free.  Made an offer, paid more than I wanted too but just couldn't resist!!  One owner from new until the guy I bought it from who had it for 6 months and also had a 51 plate e38 728i individual sport and an 3.8 Avus blue E34 M5!!!

Replaced all the bushes (front & rear axle) with Powerflex items as the old ones were shot!  Amazed at the way it transformed it, a worth while modern upgrade!

Couldn't help myself and bought some e39 17" split rims, need a refurb but as funds allow in time!


3 weeks and a 1,000 miles down the line to cylinder head went porous!!!
Struggled to find a head anywhere and didn't like the idea of using a 'new' non genuine head.

I work for BMW/MINI in Sevenoaks, Kent, so I threw my sane brain away and went to find out if a new head was still available, incredible it was, had to be ordered from Germany and at great cost.

I know many of you would say make it a stroker or put an M30 in it or M50 etc but seeing as that is what everyone is doing at the moment and eta's are becoming thin on the ground I see it being of some rare value one day (I know head in the clouds!!!)

So I took the plunge and ordered it! Along with all gaskets etc! Turned out to be more than I paid for the car!  :shock: 

Spending the course of some evenings and lunch hours at work rebuilding the new head and swapping parts, regrinding valves and waiting for some parts to come from Germany etc.  After a month and half it was ready to bolt back up!!!

Last weekend bolted it all back up and ran lovely!  Had a run down to Manston airport to see a friend taking his pilot's licence and loved being back behind the wheel!!!  Drives much better than before now having proper compression, everything felt great!!!  On the jpurney home the front downpipe section blew a hole and now sounds like a dump truck!!!  :cry: 

The whole system bar the manifold is non genuine and shot anyway! bodged and repaired over the years.  A BMW system is not worth the money and the downpipes are no long available anyway! 

So the main reason for this post is the ask the advise and reviews of anyone on here or who you may know of that has had a powerflow exhaust system fitted in the Southern dealers,
- STS TyrePro Bromley,
- Elite Direct Rainham (Essex) or
- RSR Orpington.  
Read some of you guys have had good results and service up north but heard nothing from down south way.....


I am planning on going over the the Essex one to had a quote done and see what they can offer me.  Just thought I would ask you guys if you had any experience with them...

Don't want anything lary, just a standard look, preferably twin exit like 535i etc, silent for cruising but with a nice 6 cylinder rasp when opened up.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Just a pic to show you the old girl!  Sorry no recent pictures with split rims on!


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 I have a cylinder head and a couple of sets of downpipes here

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I tried to get a standard BMW system but all I could buy was the back box section nowhere did the mid section.


So I went to Fritz's Bits and got the M30 E28 system. Saving up for the matching manifold kit next.


I've found it has improved the performance of the car already, even without the manifold section.


Plus it won't rust. Sounds great too.





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Had a Powerflow exhaust on my 28 since Dec 2001!


As my car is in bits getting rebuilt for the (Lost count!) time I decided to see what it would clean up like. It was covered in over a decade's worth of road salt & rubbish. A few hours with a fibre pad had it shining again & me a state of shock! I'm presently polishing it up so I can see my face in it! :mrgreen: The stainless they use is very good based on the fact that my car was used all year round for 8 years before I got a bit precious with it.

They should ask you what sort of sound you want before they build it. Pay close attention to the hangers & make sure that it's straight. Other than that I would say go for it. Also have the middle box placed underneath the rear passenger seat area. You get more torque & the cabin is much quieter.


You will get a life time warranty card. You have to then pop into a Powerflow dealer once a year to have it inspected & the card stamped.











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Hi all,

Sorry for a late reply been busy with Christmas and new year etc.

So as I said I was goignt over to powerflow in Essex for a quote.

Turned up, explained what I wanted, they took my keys and said we will be with you shortly after they had the car in the ramp.

About 10 minutes later the guy (Paul) called me over to the desk and explained that they couldn't fit an off the shelf system due to the shape of the back box around the spare wheel well and also couldnt mate the system to the bmw system because of the triangular clamps and flared ends.

So he said to me there is a company in London called London Stainless who specialize in unique systems etc.....

He said due it being a Saturday they were shut but he would take my details and be in contact by Tuesday with a quote and being in the trade he would offer me trade discount and I could fit the system myself to save labour costs. Sounded good to me!

So Tuesday came no call, I called them at 5pm they said Paul was off ill but was hoping to return Wednesday, waited till Friday no call and still to this day no call or voicemail etc!

Quite annoyed tbh, I would call but if they cant even call me with a quote why should I chase them?!

I was under the illusion that powerflow had the means of making besoke systems to fit any vehicle? Am I wrong?

Rich69 love your system, I emailed Fritz enquiring about an e28 system for a m20 engine, they are in the process for an eta engine but said I could fit an m30 system but would need an adaptor for the diameter differance. Thats fair enough. In that picture is that system fitted to a m20 or m30 lump vehicle?

E28 hartge, thats brilliant quality after so many years! Also seen your car at gaydon a few times, I love it!

What would any suggest exhaust wise? I dont want to chase people, im willing to pay the money for what I want. The whole system on my car is shot, downpipes has blown a hole, centre section has been bodged by previous owner and rear box is fitted incorrectly and sways around at its own free will!

Anyone on here got a stainless system they want to sell?

Tempted to buy the fitz system.....

Thanks guys

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Try Fast Road Conversions who are custom exhaust manufacturers down in Ashford, so not too far from you in Rochester. They welded on a pair of stainless tailpipe finishers to my new OEM back box a few months ago and did an excellent job. After spending some time there and seeing some of their work I would be happy for them to make a full stainless system for me in the future.



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Try mike edwards at Edwards motorsport in west drayton, mainly a proper motorsport fabricator, really does know how to make a manifold work properly not just make it fit in the hole.




lad can weld for sure!







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Mine is an M30 system but I still have the original manifold section.


Fritz do their own version which I will purchase in due course.


They are great chaps and hugely helpful. I recommend their products and service.

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Sutts, your tailpipe trims look excellent!

On your advise I gave them a call today, surprisingly they quoted me over the phone.

I spoke to a chap called Andy, he knew the e28 model straight away and also remembered your car being in.

For downpipes to back box with twin exit he quoted me £960 inc vat but being the trade he said he could do it for £900 inc and even able to do it on a Saturday!

What have you guys paid? It seems a little steep but I know there is a great deal of work involed. Most systems are downcentre and rear sections but im asking for downpipes back. He also said they would possibly have to reuse the downpipe to manifold flange and weld it to their system so a lot of labour is involved.

Im very tempted just looking at my funds!!!

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I had a system done by Longlife (basically powerflow) at about £400 + VAT, which was everything except the downpipes. BUT downpipes are a pain in the arse, and really time consuming. I'm not surprised they're quoting that much. I'd expect Powerflow to be able to everything except downpipes though - certainly the Longlife near me can, and he'd probably be able to do downpipes too. He's a bit of a fabricating wiz! All about product knowledge.


Good luck with it. You've definitely spent too much money though. A new cyclinder head? You nutcase!

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I think a full custom system in stainless for £900 all in doesn't sound too bad at all, considering the work involved. I've no doubt they wouldn't let you leave before you are all totally happy with the fit and sound.

I'm quite envious and sort of wish I didn't have a new OEM system as it would be good to release a bit more of the M88 noise!

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Papercutout, nutcase sums me up at the moment! Its ridiculous! E28 is being treated like a new born haha!

Well i've got the lady booked in on the 25th of Jan to have downpipes back fitted.

Looking quite forward to it! Will be good to hear that straight 6 again instead of a dump truck haha!

Hopeful get some pictures and video footage for you guys to have a look see!

On a different note, what shows/meets are you guys planning on attending during the year? Would be good to meet some of you in the flesh and have a closer look round your fine machines!

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Lucky car! I bet mine wished it were! I'm a bit more on the bread-line I think though!


OK, you get a video of yours, and I'll get a video of mine, and we can compare M20 and M50 noises! I'm interested as to shows too - since I don't know any of the E28 BMW crowd in person. If I'm in the country and can afford it, probably the RetroRides Gathering. I'm also going to Gatebil in Norway, but on a bike, not in the car. Much cheaper that way!

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Nice to meet you yesterday Adam, how are the pipes ?


Here is the piccy we were talking about.... didn't realise it was as long ago as 2010 !



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Hi Mark,

Likewise meeting you.

Excellent shot! Love to make it down to Brooklands at some point this year!

Well finally finished it at 4:15 :-o

Initially starting it up was the glorious sound of silence haha! Then settles down to a deep burble.

Fairly quiet inside but 65mph and below in top gear has fairly loud drone to it but this maybe where the interior insulation and boot lining is out etc. So ill get all that back in and see how it is.

Under full throttle fairly quiet, good 6 cylinder rasp but with my friend following last night in his Z3 said it sounded great!

Overall job is a piece of artwork. The chap Matt who built the exhaust worked 8:45 - 4:15 solid on it and it looks great. I asked to have twin exit like a 535i which they happily did with slash pipes. Im thinking it might need more angle on the slash though. Time will let my mind decide. Ill get some pictures at some point during the week and load them up.

Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself.

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The old shot system removed and in pieces.

I didn't get a picture of the new system as just wanted to hear it and after a long day get home haha but those are the pipes, looks good if I say so myself ;-)



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