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Rich_D's Carbon Black M5

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Yes mate well it wasn't really for sale. A mate from work was looking for one for a few months, and one day we just had the conversation about him buying mine. A price was agreed and that was it.... Gone

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5 mate. I sold my Evo 1 shortly after selling the M5...


Sat on the money like a good boy and paid a few bits off. Then I found the Evo 5 which is pretty much standard as its only been in the country a year or so. Yeah then the money was gone ha ha so it's in as we speak being tuned and mapped.

Ffs us blokes never learn do we

How come you jumped back in an M5 so soon? Although great choice I have to say. Rich's car seemed a cracker and I bet it doesn't disappoint. Especially after the love / hate with the last one.

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Nice work - prefer the 5 to the 1 though!  Fancied an Evo myself, but having had Cossie's I just never got round to it, and now I like my creature comforts too much lol.


We blokes never will learn - what power do you expect from it?


Well I didnt gel with the Mazda 6 MPS I bought, and while I was recovering from my latest ear op (not recovered yet) I decided to sell the MPS and save up for another M5 as I wanted something I could rely on, wasnt going to explode and was better built than a wet paper bag and didnt sound naff like my MPS did.  Nice enough car over all, but not a patch on the M5.  Sure they can be made to go quicker, but it'll always only ever be a Mazda.


The last one I didnt have the time or patience to sort out.  This one was perfect - it has all the bits I needed to replace on mine done, and I know it is going to be a cracker and I intend on keeping it long term.

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