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Rich_D's Carbon Black M5

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Well, I've finally gone and done it...

Fancied an M5 for a while, a couple of friends have had them and I love their cars, but until now I never bought one. Then one of those friends (who had the M5 as a second car) decided it was not getting enough use and he should sell it, so I decided if I was going to get one this was the car for me, as he has pampered it and I know the history, so I bought it. B)

This will be my 3rd BMW now, I've had 2 others, both E46 330d M Sports and I currently still own one of them, but will be selling it shortly.

So onto the M5, details:



  • 2001 (Y-Reg) facelift E39 M5 saloon
  • 4.9 litre V8 engine & 6 speed manual gearbox
  • Carbon black metallic bodywork
  • Extended black nappa point leather (electric & heated)
  • Brushed aluminium interior trims
  • Mk4 widescreen navigation system with 2014 maps
  • Intravee & KCA-420i with 30gb iPod
  • Electric tilt & slide metal sunroof
  • Xenons, front & rear PDC, etc... usual M5 spec
  • Full & detailed service history with a folder full of bills
  • Recent new genuine clutch
  • Thermostat & coolant recently replaced
  • Loads of suspension & steering parts refreshed
  • Superb bodywork for the age
  • Alloys have just been professionally refurbed
  • Full Milltek exhaust system with race cats (£2.5k new) blink.png
  • Owned by a close friend, who has pampered it, so I know the history

A couple of quick photos >>>








The noise is makes with the exhaust is awesome...



It's not overly loud if you are driving normally, a lovely deep burble from the exhaust, but when you open up the taps, WOW!!! punk.gif

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Done a few jobs & upgrades over the past few days...


- Windscreen washer pipes replaced

- Intensive washer pump replaced

- Mk4 DVD nav drive fitted

- Storm Motorwerks satnav knobs fitted

- LED markers for the angel eyes fitted

- LED number plate bulbs fitted

- Silvatec indicator bulbs fitted

- Clubsport gearknob fitted

- Style 66 winter alloys purchased

- INPA & NCS coding session


Tomorrow I will be fitting my Intravee, weather permitting, removed it from my 330d now, but ran out of time today.


As for mpg, filled up after emptying my first full tank yesterday, 19.5mpg calculated, which was to be expected as I've been doing a demo runs for friends and enjoying all 400 horses! laugh.png

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I also wondered about the knobs, they do look good though!


I've been keeping an eye on Diny's metal knobs on the M5 forum but thought they might be too shiny so the titanium version could be perfect!

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Don't worry, I didn't pay that much for them ;)


I got them second hand off someone I know for £25 and they were originally in my E46 330d, but luckily they fit the E39 as well and match the brushed aluminium trim really well.


Pics from the E46 >>>










A nice subtle touch cool.png

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Installed the Intravee today, updated the firmware and then set it all up how I want it.


So now I have mirrors that fold/unfold on the key, angel eyes light up when I unlock the car, auto door locking, triple blink indicators, auto map zoom for the nav, PDC info on the screen, plus as it's an E39 you get iPod info (song, artist, etc) and PDC info on the high OBC display, very cool cool.png


You can also get it to tell you a whole host of information such as coolant temp, litres of fuel left, max speed, revs, etc... the Intravee really is a very clever device and so much more than 'just' an iPod interface.

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That's set up almost exactly the same as mine & it all makes the car seem so much more modern. I've got the Lumidock installed as well which is a really nice way to dock the iPod

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Yeah, some really nice features.


I just have a 30GB 5th Gen iPod that lives in the boot of the car permenantly and I've modded the KCA-420i so it keeps it charged,

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Gave the beast a quick wash today as it was long overdue, I also cleaned the tailpipes up as they were black & minging, they have come up really well, you couldn't really see them before.


It has highlighted that I need to re-position the backbox on the right hand side though as it's not quite straight, it also vibrates against the rear valance occasionally, due to being twisted slightly. A job for another day though.




Other jobs included fitting a new set of Bosch wiper blades, plus I fitted new centre caps & ///M badges for the wheels.






The wheels had been refurbished just before I bought the car, but they had the old scabby centre caps re-fitted and no ///M badges! They look miles better now though, the little touches like this really make a difference in my opinion.

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Just ordered some new rear tyres...

Item: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 (275-35-18-Y-99)
QTY: 2
Price: £153.90 each
Delivery: £8.00
Order Total: £315.80


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How are you finding the car? I'm still really tempted to get one of these


It's usually where I left it...


Sorry, couldn't resist ;)



Very different to what I've been used to recently, my past 2 cars have both been E46 330d Sports, one remapped, so not slow cars, but the M5 is a completely different animal, so much noise, drama & character.


I've had fast cars in the past, with similar performance, but they were smaller engines with turbos, so a big n/a engine is a new one for me.


It's not actually as bad on fuel as I feared either, driven carefully I've averaged 34mpg going to work, which is 23 miles of country A-Roads, however the lure of the V8 is too much to resist, so my average seems to be settling on mid/low 20's.


My logic was that fuel is never going to get any cheaper, it will only get more expensive, so I may as well get a V8 ticked off the bucket list before it's £10 a gallon :wacko:

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