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Jonathon Daly

Best tyre brand and which variant

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Hi I'm new here.

Could anyone advise me on which would be the best tyres to fit on my 2007 M Sport 530d.

Currently on 240/40R18 93y all round with RF on front and standard on back.

I live in the country so need exceptional grip in the sometimes wet lanes but drive fairly hard in the dry and go quite rapid on roads.

The fronts have very little tread nr the inner walls on both sides. So these are the 2 I need to change.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello and welcome.


Firstly you might want to double check that tyre size- I've never heard of a 240 tread width. I imagine it's actually 245?


If I were you I'd do away with RFTs at the front as you already have at the back. Looking at the available tyres in that size, you can't go far wrong with the big brands particularly Michelin, Continental and Goodyear. If you're on a budget I'd recommend Matador tyres. 


What do you have on the rear axle? Maybe you'd simply like to match those?


EDIT: you may find some in the 'for sale' section here, there are a pair of Pirellis advertised at the moment



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I have always tried to use continental but sometimes it's not economically viable. As above get rid of the run flats, my mate has recently done away with the run flats on his 545i and got a good deal on a set of four Falkens and it's transformed the ride quality.

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If you tyres are wearing more on the inner edge i would advise before you spend the money on new tyres you get the geometry checked, as this will be the likely cause to uneven Tyre wear. 

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