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Krabi's 525i E34 - vine red 1989

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Just to update the works to date:


* interior vacuumed 

* front sport shocks and springs installed

* new wishbones, Track control arms, track rods, anti roll bar links installed 

* front discs and pads installed 

* rear sport shocks and springs installed 

* rear anti roll bar links and dog bones installed 


Rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes to be installed 


brake nipples, lines and fuel lines on order 

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Today the fuel tank was dropped and the vent pipes around it were replaced. The pipes were bent by hand and flared slightly on the ends to grip the hoses


Fuel hoses from tank to lines and filter were replaced with new and complimented with new fuel hose clamps. Fuel filter secured with big jubilee clip as mounted screw had broken off previously 


Middle section and back box installed. Rusty front support removed and added to shopping list 


Other items on shopping list Inc brake lines, brake hoses and fuel lines

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Going to be using this as my daily after Christmas so started undoing most of the work done in 2016 to replace the fuel lines, rear brake lines, rear brake dust shield (and therfore bearings).... And a little welding. 


Fuel tank dropped, exhaust off, dust shields off, drive shaft most of the way off

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Front to back brake lines done in Kunifer / Cupro nickel. I will be using one of the sellers that sell kits of ready made pipes on ebay for the next E34. 


Front to back fuel pipes also installed. I recommend using 8mm black coated aluminum as it is sooo much easier to form and you can mostly do it by hand. Completely messed up £38 of Cupro Nickel pipe. You have to use the forming tool. The 4m Krontec hard lines on ebay / demon tweeks will do the pipes to the filter but the longer pipe that connects to the vapour tank in the rear wheel well will need 4.3 - 4.5m worth.

Welding to the brake line / soft line anchor completed below the rear seat




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New fuel pump relay installed, I had one go on a 518i touring so new bosch unit 0332209216 that turned out to be the same one used by :


BMW 61368373700
DAF 0095464
IVECO 0000042096498, 42069397, 42096498
MAN 81255020474, 81259020474
MERCEDES-BENZ 0005458485, 0015455405, 001545540564, 73751790000, A0005458485, A0015455405, A001545540564

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Fuel tank back in, heat shields re installed and wired / plumbed in. 

Old straps and rear axle were wire brushed and 'Kurusted' 

Old rear axle 'beer can' rubber mounts out. They were stamped 1997 so I only had to use the air hammer to push the sides in at the top and knock down working my way round. Got a question about installation that I'll post in the E34 section. 

New power Steering reservoir fitted and atf topped up



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New bushes / axle Carrier mounts are in after being in the freezer for 2 days and using Circolight rubber assembly fluid. I used my front wheel bearing kit and m14 rod / nuts / washers. Less than 5 minutes :-) pulled all the way in.


New handbrake cables in, what a faff. Rear part of the centre console had to come out to guide the cables home! 


Thinking ahead to emissions and the MOT ,  I noticed one of the hoses to the Idle control valve was split so a new one was installed. 




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Just to catch up, rear passenger side bottom tip wheel arch was thin and far end of sill had a small hole so surgery started. It did allow confirmation that the rear jacking point was in fine shape. Zinc coating applied inside and Welded back in. Cavity wax to be spayed in later

Now onto the drivers side and then re installing the rear subframe... 










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Drivers side rear sill cut apart, rear jacking point inspected and found in great shape, Kurusted, patch panels made, cold galv zinc paint coated ready to weld back together next time




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