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Fitting chip to M30 engine

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Hi Everyone


I've bought a chip from Fritz bits for my m535i and haven't yet got round to fitting it. Is is possible to do this DIY or does it need a specialist? If DIY isn't advisable, if there anyone in Shropshire/West Midlands who could do the job?


Richard at Fritz mentioned that there are a couple of ECU designs and you might need to rewire the pins depending on which version you have.





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As per Duncan's post, but I'd do a search for a r&r on opening up the ecu, I'm sure there's one on Big coupe about resoldering joints: basically you need to be very careful splitting the two halves of the unit as there are plastic "pillars" with clips inside which are easily snapped off if you open it up in the obvious way.


Without meaning to sound like a killjoy, I thought the 061 standard chip was pretty good; it's the low compression highline engine which benefits most (i.e. not one ever fitted to an M535i).  I thought all M535is have the same chip, so I'd be interested to find anything different on this score.


It's not hard to do, but easy to break stuff if you haven't done it before, if that makes any sense at all!  Happy to pm pics of opened up ecu if you can't find anything,



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