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This is what happens when you get chatting!

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Got chatting to a customer of ours this week about my car, he was pretty interested in hearing the ins and outs, which i was surprised about as not many people really care about cars at work. Anyway he told me back in the early 80's he had an E12 M535i. He told me some great stories about how fast the car was back in the day, and how he felt like royalty driving it about town.
So, he then goes on to tell me hes still got some parts left over from it before he scrapped it :shock:  years ago, he said im welcome to them! 
As he lives not far from me i popped round today to find myself confronted with a set of 5 bbs wheels, an instrument cluster, some headlights and an air flow meter. I thought to myself i could put these on ebay and get a few quid for the GT project. 
Just as im about to leave he says "i used to have a rubber spoiler for it as well" i question further as i imagine these things to be pretty rare. He gets a ladder and climbs on to the garage roof. "Oh dont worry it wasnt the spoiler its a piece of front bumper from it" as he proceeds to throw it down saying "dont know why i didnt throw this out a long time ago" 
WAIT! Thats a BBS front chin spoiler dont break it!!!!!
"Take it if you want it"
I suppose ill be adding this to my ever growing collection of BMW bits!!The wife may be running out of patience :-P


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