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I've just ordered a new car!

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So, after quite a lot of dithering and vacillation I've ordered a new car.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not selling the M5, I'm keeping that thank you very much! At nearly 11 years old and 110,000 miles I think it's time I gave her a rest from winter duty, she's still looking good


I'm not going to say what it is until it arrives, even if anyone guesses exactly I'm still not going to say! Current estimate is that I'll have it in about 4 weeks.

So, for a bit of fun, guess away! What would you get to go with an E39 M5?

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Hi Richard!


With the only info you're giving is that it's 'new' , there's hundreds of possibilities!


As you made that lovely garage, then it could be something exotic - Maserati, Ferrari, Aston, Lambo...


But you have mentioned retiring the E39 M5 from winter duty suggesting you've bought something nice but also able to do the winter mode driving! so, F10 M5 is my guess!


Could be a an SUV type thingy, so X5, ML, RR or something..  


could be a practical BMW - so a F11 ?!


Once you do have it, I highly suggest you modify it ! ..  classily of course ;)


Cheers, Dennis!

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I guess the point at the moment is "What would you get" rather than guess what I'm getting.

I'll give a few more clues along the way, but for the moment all I'll say is I don't like soft tops because I have very fair skin and burn at the slightest whiff of sun. So a soft top is a waste of time, when it's raining, cold, etc. the top would be up, when the sun is out the top would also be up to stop me burning! I don't need a 4x4 either, it may be 'grim up north' but it's not that grim in gods own country!! It's a car, not a truck!

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I'm thinking nothing too flash, sub £25k. Something more workman-like, but nice, reliable and a keeper, well at least 3 years

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