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Changing the ignition barrel?

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Hey guys. I'm most of the way there with my swap, but I had to change the steering column over when I changed the pedal box (did you know a 1984 car has a different spline on the column to a 1987 one, and a 1987 spline is the same as an E30?), but of course it means the old key fits the new cars ignition, so I'd like to change that!

So, how does one get the ignition barrels out, without breaking everything? Thankyou!

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The Ignitions locks differ between early and late columns.




On the early column you need to drill out the blank tab. 1/8" or 3mm drill.









You need to be very careful when you drill the tab out. If you are not careful you will drill straight though the locking tang, making it difficult to remove the barrel. 


The hole already exists on late columns






I dont believe that there is any necessity to change columns just because you are changing the pedal box. The swinging links on the columns differ. It may be that is the only difference between auto and manual pedal boxes. I know that I have had to fiddle about with them in the past when doing an auto to manual conversion.









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Thanks guys, that details description is hugely useful! I'll go and find out if I can do it now :D


The reason I changed columns, was because it was (should be) easier than  changing the central bit with the spline on, over, because I wanted my aftermarket boss/steering wheel to fit. But yes, the swinging link is different too, although I managed to get the 'newer' swinging link lined up eventually (to get the universal joint on, I had to jack the front wheels, and turn them till I could get it all to line up).


Now to go and see if I can change the barrels. In hindsight, it might have been easier to dissemble the entire thing back at the time, and switches splined sections. hey-ho!

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That really good help I don't need to do the change but that is a brilliant picture ! 

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I received a query from Anto_kellyE28 and remembered seeing a similar thread on MyE28 http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=126279&p=1255742&hilit=column#p1255742


demetk outlines a technique that involves removing the external cylinder lock retaining bolt which releases the lock barrel sleeve and then the barrel itself.  


Be very careful removing and replacing the ignition switch set screw. It is very easy overtighten it which splits the plastic retaining tang, meaning that the switch itself can move around.

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