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3 issues: amplifier antenna, glow plugs control unit, front bearings

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Hi all,

I have few issues again and need your help guys to make sure that I am going to right direction.

1.       Recently I have done remap and guy who did it told me that I have errors on glow plugs 1,4,6.

Is it time to replace control unit or only plugs? To me it looks like unit, but want to see other people opinion.

2.       Yesterday morning I drove to work as usual, got out of the car and tried to close the car with remote. Is not working!

Cannot close it and open, tried second key/remote the same. I have done little research and checked amplifier antenna, that is placed under the rear spoiler. Took black cover and there was some rust, but not much on cables but dry and no sign of water. I opened with box where the unit is, dry no water no sign of rust. I have unplugged all cables checked no rust, reconnected and put all back where it should be.

So my question is what else should I check before buy new amplifier?

3.       When I drive with low speed, I hear a rubbing noise, I think coming from the front wheels. Worst is when I for example approach traffic lights and take foot from accelerator, or on parking when turning with big angle with speed 5-10mph. After I do long run on motorway noise increases. When left overnight gets back to “normalâ€. Not sure what it could be, bearing is about to die?

I will look forward to hearing your opinions.




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