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Has anyone changed calipers? Novice needs advice

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Hello guys.


This weekend I will be fitting new discs, pads and brake hoses. 


I also want to attack the callipers with the wire brush on my drill.  Treat the BMW pig iron for rust, red oxide, primer then high temp silver.


Where my car is at the moment, I don’t have garage space so the only option for me is to take off the callipers and go to my workshop in the cellar to carry out the work.


As I’ve never had callipers off before (I’ve done everything else, clutches, engine change, cam belts) I’m wondering about the best way to go about it.


Possible scenarios are:


  • Take the calliper off one at a time.  Paint the calliper, put it back on.  (Partial bleed here needed?  Then once all the callipers are done, carry out the bleeding procedure started with the rear first.
  • or
  • Take all callipers off.  Paint them all (preferred).  Put them back and carry out the bleeding procedure.

I’m aware I can place cling film over the top of the fluid reservoir then put the cap back and this will help me to stop losing fluid while the callipers are off.  But, I’m wondering exactly how much fluid will piss out?


I have 2 litres of dot4, so I think I have plenty to flush the system ( I won’t be doing the ABS part this time).


Has anyone experience in this?



This weekends job:



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I changed a front caliper recently, used a brake hose clamp as well, didn't lose a drop.


Do a search on here, Clavurion posted a neat tip, something to do with putting some weight on the brake pedal, keeps a non-return valve closed to prevent fluid loss.


Enjoy your weekend :)

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I think I will try that trick.  But im just worried that if there is pressure on the pedal, i wont be able to get the calliper off the disc.


I will try clamping all the pipes and refurbing all the calipers at once.

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