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Clutch or gearbox problems

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Hi all,



I've noticed that i have a slight issue sometimes when shifting into 1st gear from neutral occasionally.

sometimes when im fully on the clutch, the gear doesnt quite shift into 1st. if i ease up on the clucth a little i can shift it in (saying that, i have to be careful of not grinding the gearbox or stalling). it doesnt happen all the time...its just annoying when pulling off at the lights it may sometimes be a while (~5-10secs) before i actually get it in gear.

i did get a new clucth installed at BMW Chigwell on 25/02/11 (so assuming the part is still under warranty). could this be an issue with the clutch or gearbox?...or do they normally do this after time?

any thoughts? :neutral:


oh BTW, its a 2005 e60 523i M Sport if that helps..

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Mine used to do this too as it was a bit stiff and the push into 1st had a soft resistence of sorts.


All sorted after my clutch and flywheel were replaced recently.


Might be something worth looking at but it is an expensive option to take if it's not the root cause of your issue.


Mines a manual too and my clutch was on it's limit and i was getting intermittent slip at 3000rpm which then went down to intermttent slip at 2000rpm before i decided to replace amongst other reasons (seperate thread)


My car has done 113k

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surely it cant be worn already tho...i only got it replace 2years ago (and i dont grind the gearbox when shifting or anything>..) ...is it something that is covered under warranty if i get them to check it?


ive probably done no more than 20k miles since

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