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Taking an iBus log with the Intravee

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Often an iBus log of the message being sent between various components in a vehicle can help determine the cause of a problem you may be experiencing.

The log should be as short as possible, but long enough to capture the problem. If possible try and reduce iBus traffic as much as possible, one way to do this is to make sure that the radio is tuned to FM and the Intravee is not the selected source, the display updates the Intravee sends cause a lot of iBus traffic. Obviously if the problem is related to display updates you can't do this.

To take an iBus log do the following :

- Connect up the Intravee to your PC and run the downloader program as if you were updating the firmware.

- In the downloader select File, Expert Mode. The first time you select Expert Mode you will be prompted to enter a log file prefix name, use your forum name or something that allows you to be easily identified.

- In the downloader select File, Start Log, select file name and location.

- In the downloader select Controls, Run emulator.

- In the emulator dialog press the button "IBUSDON".

- perform the action you want to log, in this case just let the radio play for 1 minute.

- In the emulator dialog press the button "IBUSDOFF".

- Close the emulator dialog.

- In the downloader select File, End Log.

You should now have a log of all ibus activity between selecting IBUSDON and IBUSDOFF in the emulator.

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