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Do you have this issue? :- Intravee source randomly switches to radio.

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So i do have a problem with the new firmware. Yesterday i could not switch back from the intravee screen to nav screen, but with another source it did work.
Once the button pushed, the nav screen does appear for a tiny part of a second, and then the source screen is shown again but without the lines 1-6.
The header is there, but title, album etc not.
just blank on this part...
sorry, no log

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There is a small chance of this happening once in a while.


The Intravee monitors messages and will prevent updating the display when things like the map, tone etc are displayed. However, due to the nature of the iBus, there is a queue of pending messages that are held because the iBus is busy.  If the Intravee puts a display update message in the queue just before a message comes through that would disable the display then it's possible to get this sort of over write.  The fact that the display did not update fully makes this the likely scenario.


Keep an eye out for it to see if it happens frequently, it's possible that the change in priorities that I've made to help prevent AWOLs has made this scenario more likely. 

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I have done the latest update and mine done it again once this evening will keep an eye on it and report back. 

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