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2013 racer

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my championship winning e34 535 is now with a new owner as due to my mid life crisis i wanted more power for next season.


i've gone down the route of small light and always sideways and jumped in at the deep end and bought a class 7 autograss car. needs some tiding and small improvements but basically ready to race.


its a pug 106 with 2x zx9r engines mounted in the rear, car weighs 600kg and is running 350 bhp so all together around 500bhp per tonne which should be lively to say the least.


first job is to sort throttle as its a bodge job, relocate steering as to close for me, service engines and tidy wiring up, steep learning curve as i know nothing regards motor bike engines. except sounds the nuts and revs like a biatch.







comments and questions welcome

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Wow, interesting. Does it run each motor to each wheel or is it 4wd?

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its 2wd as in fixed like a go cart. has chain from engine to the axle, all be it very heavy duty chain. you start each engine on its own but gear lever set up engages both at same time so have constant drive from both engines


more modern versions have an elaborate drive box so also have reverse but as you can guess they are not cheap.


will get better pics after xmas to show engines etc and whats under bonnet or not as case may be.

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so much for the car being ready to race as per the advert .


on inspection i found a number of parts that are worn out or no good so over last few weeks been busy sorting the problems with the car.


one engine had a cracked sump so this has been replaced. than had to sort drive train as chains where seized and rusty, enter very quick learning curve regards chains and sprockets as no experiance with bikes.


replaced throttle cables as one was snapped and other had seen better days


had to also replace both rear wheel bearings, drive shaft cv joints inner and outer and one shaft end spline as nut had rounded the thread off.

got two new chains and having to have two sprockets made as the drive system from the engine is made up of a cup that fits over a 530 chain 14 toothed sprocket, the cup has a 30mm centre bore with a cut down old drive shaft welded into it, this then passes through a pillow block bearing which bolts to the rear roll cage to keep it in place with the custom sprocket after the bearing which has 11 teeth and a 30mm centre bore to fit over shaft.to take a 630 chain (biggest you can get for a bike) got to wait 2 weeks for these new sprockets to arrive then remake the drive shafts.


while in there have also given the engines a full service and checked all nuts and bolts to rear as found some loose ones that needed nylock nuts fitting. all in all will be happy that the car should last more than half a lap now when rebuilt as all drive train will be new.


only downside is never realised how much motor bike stuff cost before bought this car.


shopping bill so far


engine oil  8 ltrs (hi rev 10/40 semi motor bike oil) + 2 oil filters £70

spark plugs x 8 irridium (takes deep breath) £10 each = £80

wheel bearings x 2 £50

drive shaft splined end £33 (pair)

drive shaft cv joints x4 £68

one of chain sprockets x 2 £50

chains 630 pitch  D.I.D o ring gold x2 £320

throttle cable and ends £20

air filter cleaner and oil £20 (huge filters)


so all in all nearly £700 lighter and not even driven the car yet but still happy as got the car cheap and to build one would cost twice what i have paid out so far.


next week will be checking the front over


all i have to do now is explain to the mrs why the race car has lots shiney new parts and our caravan is still missing a new awning! and to why i sold the bmw that needed nothing more than a touch up here and there as never missed a beat all last season

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well after lots of hard work the car made it to track on the 24th feb for a test day. was very pleased with its first outing but it did highlight a few more little problems, that will be easily fixed (knackered clutch in one engine for starters)


but overall its a serious grin factor machine, handles well, easy to drive and in a word bloody fast.


will be upgrading various parts as i go to improve the car.


new front subframe and wishbone set up planned to make it fully rose jointed, re position rear shocks ( doing this next week) new throttle set up and convert gear linkage to cable instead of rod and rose joints.


oh and repaint the doors as numbers not to the rule book but then it was painted in a hurry due to the cold weather we had of late.


pics before paint of few items










remote button on steering wheel to clear visor roll off




at the track






the boot





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