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The Intravee thread - Contains user guides and latest firmware for download

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This thread has been started to compile information relating to the intravee.

I’m RichardP from the Intravee forum; I’ve been involved with the Intravee on a non-commercial basis since it was first available and I am a moderator on the forum.

As some of you may have noticed the Intravee web site and forum have been unavailable since the start of last week end. It is with great sadness that I must inform you that Simon Allen, the owner of Intravention Electronics and the designer of the Intravee, passed away suddenly on Friday 23rd November. Simon was a highly talented individual who will be greatly missed by anyone that knew him.

Intravention Electronics was run entirely by Simon, with a little help from a few enthusiastic volunteers, the entire computer infrastructure was based at his home and run and maintained by him. Although I do not yet know any details of what may happen in the future, as of Friday evening it would appear that the computers running the Intravention web site have been shut down. There is currently no access to the forum, web site, software library or support e-mail. I have only been able to e-mail you because I had a backup of the forum users with Customer, or higher, access permissions. The future of the Intravee product is, at best, unclear.

The Intravee hardware itself is generally very reliable indeed; the only hardware problem I am aware of is that it is possible to blow the internal fuse. I have a quantity of these fuses and can supply them if required. It may be technically possible to continue with Intravee production as the manufacturing facility has all the details, legally and financially it may be a different story.

The Intravee release firmware is reasonably bug free, but only supports the Professional Nav system to any significant degree. The pre-release V6.02 firmware is also generally quite stable; the very latest build 6.02-6940 is a significant upgrade to V6.01 with support for Business Radio, Business Nav and MID. I have copies of the various pre-release firmware builds and, again, can supply this on request.

It may be possible for me to do some limited development on the Intravee firmware, however this would have to be done in my spare time and so the scope would be quite limited. I have the source code and the knowledge of the Intravee, iBus and AI-Net to continue development – however, what I do not have is the ability to compile the source code to create the firmware file. Simon used a version of a compiler that he modified, it may not be possible to obtain or use this compiler.

If you have any questions or problems, please PM me directly.

Having done a lot of digging in my archives and backups, I've managed to rebuild the Intravee firmware from it's source, so I don't think support is going to be a problem. The only possible issue are going to be if there are actual hardware failures, I only know of one and that was caused by a fault in one byte of the flash in the main CPU.

I'm not sure what will happen to production, but I don't see any reason for it not continuing at the moment.

If possible I'm going to try and use www.intravee.com as the domain name for future Intravee support and site for downloading firmware etc. This domain is owned by Leigh of ToysInYourCar and currently just redirects to the Intravee page on his site.

I have a backup of the forum, but it's from late 2010 so a lot of posts will be lost unless Simon's computers can be run again, but I have most of the information that was there in various forums.

I also have copies of all the recent user guides etc. I've attached a copy of the user guide, supported devices list and PXA-H100 supplement for anyone that needs them. The PXA-H100 supplement and user guide need a little updating, but they are not too far behind the firmware.




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To update the firmware on your intravee, you'll need a laptop with a serial port, or a USB serial port adapter, and a male to female serial lead to connect your laptop (or USB adapter) to the intravee.


You may need drivers for the USB adapter, but if you do there are instructions on the box it comes in. If you have any problems let me know and I can send them to you.

The Intravee does not need updating to work with your Nav, it's just that you won't have the extra features. I'll hopefully have somewhere to host the various file properly soon, but attached are the latest downloader and firmware that I recompiled, V6.02-6941.

Here's how to update the firmware





Download the firmware attachment above, as it's a ZIP file there's no need to mess about with file associations. It's really not that hard, by far the biggest problem is with USB/Serial adapters, if you have a good one you'll be fine.

A summary of what you need to do is :

- download the firmware and downloader program above.
- unzip both to a folder on your laptop.
- connect the USB/Serial device to your PC, with most version of Windows the drivers will be loaded automatically.
- connect the Serial port end of the adapter to the Intravee and turn the car ignition to the accessory position.
- run the downloader program.
- Select 'File' 'Comms Setup'. From the list of ports select the one that matches the device you added, valid ports should have a description by them.
- Press 'Return' a couple of times, you should see the "Ready>" prompt, if you don;t then you have probably not select the right port number, go back and check.
- Select 'File' 'Open Firmware' and select the .blf file.
- Select 'File' 'Program Firmware'.
- wait until the small progress bar has finished, you should see some messages from the Intravee that indicates it's re-booted.

Job done.

Edited by RichardP

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Here are some of the features and functions od the intravee, other than giving ibus equipped cars (E38/E39/E46/E53 etc) the ability to control an iPod/CD Changer/Digital Radio:


- Real time display of Speed, Engine RPM, Outside temperature, Coolant temperature, Max speed, Max coolant temperature, Max RPM, Acceleration, Deceleration.
- Display of information of the last 17 journeys, Start time, duration, average speed, distance, max speed, max acceleration, max deceleration, max coolant temperature.
- Display of the distance of objects from each PDC sensor, can be displayed on the head unit and/or the High OBC.
- Display of the light sensor data.
- Display of the Nav computer status, battery voltage, number of Satellites and operating temperature.
- Display of service info including the amount of fuel used since the last service, the date of the next annual check, the last service type and the number of times each type of service has been performed (E46, X3 and Z4 only I think).
- Display of data from various car components, Nav computer, Radio, Phone, TV Module, Monitor, DSP amp and Sirius radio showing build date, part number software and hardware revision.
- Optional display of a "Boot Open" message on the High OBC whenever the boot is open, the standard message is displayed only when you drive off which can be annoying.
- Automatic locking when the car exceeds 15mph - similar to the OEM option that can be coded in most cars.
- Automatic unlocking when removing the key from the ignition or opening any door, optionally on selecting Park for Automatics.
- Automatic mirror folding (if you have electric folding mirrors), options for folding when removing the key from the ignition, on locking the car, on holding the lock button on the remote and after holding the lock button on the remote (allows comfort closing to complete).
- Automatic mirror unfolding (if folded by the Intravee), options for unfolding on unlocking, Key inserted, Accessory position or Ignition on.
- Automatic clock synchronisation with the GPS time signal from the Nav computer and optional setting of the Time Zone from the RDS time signal from the radio.
- Entering Bluetooth pairing mode without all the faffing about with the pairing button.
- Speed dependent map scaling, set the Min and Max scale that you want along with the speed increment that changes the zoom level.
- 'Sticky' indicators, you can sent the minimum number of times the indicators will blink, similar to most more modern cars.
- For the E39 M5, an optional check and logging of over revving the engine while cold.  If various temperature/Rev limits are exceeded a message is displayed on the High OBC and an error is logged so you have a record of when it happened and the temperature and max RPM reached.

Some of the options above are key specific, so you can set the sticky indicator option on for one key and off for another.

If you have multiple sources (more than one iPod, DAB, CDC etc.) you can set the Intravee up so that the source is key specific too, your key selects your iPod, your other halves key selects theirs for example.

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Nice to have your continued support, and hope you can obtain the compiler etc to keep Intravee going.


In addition to the above list Richard was been able to add a "bonnet open" option but it required the bonnet switch by the pollen filter (LH one) to be shortened by about 4mm to be of any use, but do-able and will give a warning if the bonnet is not properly closed and is on the safety latch. This was propted after some bright spark posted a thread on "Why isn't there a bonnet open warning?"!   I can give details if Richard updates the firmware.

Edited by Machinehead

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The first post is a bit of an amalgamation of other posts, I have been able to compile the firmware, the resulting build is attached to the 2nd post, 6.02-6941.


The bonnet open message is included in 6.02-6941, it is under the same control as the boot open message but if both are open the bonnet open takes priority.

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330i ZHP owner from California here. First, thank you to Richard, this forum, and any other members involved in keeping this great product and its support alive. Richard's emails have been most helpful. I have been posting them on my own forum to keep Intravee owners there informed. A few will probably join this forum to gain access to future updates. I will be following this thread for news/support/builds. I am a big fan of this product. Love how I can see my temp guage.


 I currently have 6.02-6641 installed on my Intravee September 2012. It is very stable except a screen redraw issue in which the song name flickers when changing menus. I will eventually install 6941 and maybe that will solve the issue (I can report back here as well).

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I never knew, met or spoke to Simon directly (well not that I knew, it may have been him that helped with my questions).


Any way its very sad to hear that such a clever man has suddenly passed and my thoughts go to both his family and his friends that did know him personally.


My self and a few friends recently bought Intravee's mainly as the back bone to our future sound systems, I'm Glad to see that the likes of Richard and Rob are going to do what they can to continue with this fantastic product, and Richard thank you for your continuing help.

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