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Scottish meet? fife. 22nd sept

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Hey guys though i might try this again but with more notice this time.

Chizfab are holding another drift event in lochgelly fife and its a perfect place for a club meet and watch some drifting and wall taps at the same time

Saturday, September 22, 2012

12:00pm until 8:00pm

Spedeworth Thunderdrome, KY5 9HQ Lochgelly, Fife

After the success of our first event, we have decided to do it all over again! :-)

The date for the next event is the 22nd of September 2012.

The track action will be live from 12-8pm and once again we will have a show car section with trophies.

Sign on for drivers will be limited to 30. The cost is £30 payable by PAYPAL GIFT. To jumanji-nights@hotmail.co.uk. Early payment will close on the 15th sept. Payment on the day (if there are any spaces left) will be £40. If we reach our Limit of 30 drivers a reserve list will be put in place. The reserves will get first refusal on pull outs as well as being invited to bring their cars along on the day. Then if someones car is out for the rest of the day the 1st reserve will get the opportunity to pay on.

Entry for spectators will be £5

We will have limited free trade stands available so please get in touch to book.

Anyone interested in a club stand please PM the page for more details.

Please share this event There will be twinning and car trains happening throughout the day all DAY!




some info from our first event


facebook page


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Havin a mini Scottish meet here at my flat right now with Illyass and Willie n family visitin. Anyone else nearby wanna join up?! Bring a bottle! ;)

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ha ha ya drunken bums. Im needing to get my arse in gear and come visiting soon. Wont be tmrow though due to having to go to hospital for the next installment of a post exposure rabies vaccination :-(

Dont ask

Wtf to that, get well soon.

T, that looks like a Mr Daniels or a rum and Coke...... I'm on a zero alcohol plan from the specialist so enjoying a nice e cup of tea,......... It's all lies I WANT A JAEGAER BOMB!!!! :(

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Jamesey get well soon matey hope it's nothin too serious. Been a while since you joined the antics.

Lenny, you're close, it's a sailor jerry n coke, not my usual but fancied a change tonight.

Ilyass or General Aladeen as he's now know has called it a night n decided to "swim " home haha

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He he he he he he. Oh dear Wullie your such a lightweight he he he he he

Cheers Tris, yeah I'm fine mate, stupidly was playing about with a pup whilst on holiday and it's wee razor sharp teeth scratched through my skin...never thought anything of it till about 5 days later when I read there were rabies in turkey!! Needless to say I was at the hospital within half an hour lol

I'm having reactions to the vaccinations now though ( some of which are similar to rabies symptoms so you can imagine what my heads been like) so can't wait to get it all finished in the next couple of weeks

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