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Claus M

Howdy from Denmark/Sweden

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Howdy Guys!

Went to the bank yesterday, and transferred a deposit on the 530D, I found on mobile.de. It looks good, it has only done 73.000 km/about 50.000 miles, and I found the previous owner in an online-phonebook, and got details and distance verified.

I'm danish, living in Sweden, and going to Germany next week to pick up the car.

It's a 2000 (184hp) with an auto-box. It's facelifted and holds just about everything except navi/tv, and I have a few questions regarding the original equipment.

According to the cars documentation, its equipped with M Sportfahrwerk II. What the hell does version 2 mean? Is it adjustable in any way, or does it relate to previous 5-series, so the "version II" simply is the way these are named today?

Also it has the "0337 M Sportpaket". At first I thougt that was the spoilers and other exterior details, but I found out that is the "0715 M Aerodynamikpaket".

Then what is the M Sportpaket? (It's not the sport seats, the alu-rims or the M leather stearing wheel - they're all specified individually).

Finally I am doing more than 50.000 km's a year. Thats +30.000 miles. Any experiences with durability of the steptronic gearbox, if I go for an ECU upgrade?

Whats the best ECU upgrade method? Is it okay with a higher preassure in the commenrail/injection system, or should I go for ECU/Injection-timing systems only?

I have a few pictures of the car here, and I am desperately waiting to pick it up next week, as I haven't even had the possibility to testdrive the car!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Claus Møller :P






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Hi Claus,

you new car has the "sport package" and not the "aero package" the aero package are just extentions of the std bumpers, that car has sport bumpers front and rear,

I am sure the 530d owners on the forum will answer your other questions, welcome. :P

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It says in the book: (complete list) - both aerokit and sportskit

07SN Standard leather, sandbeige

0534 Climate

0302 Alarm

0500 Rain-sensor

0555 Board-computer

0210 DSC III

0337 M Sportpaket

0339 Shadow Line (What is this actually?)

0354 Tinted front-window

0430 Outer and inner mirror auto (aut. abblend, no lights in eyes? :P

0438 Wood decor

0473 Armrest

0481 Sportseats both frontseats

0494 Adjustable seatheight - both sides

0508 PDC

0522 Xenon

0705 M Sportfahrwerk II

0710 M Leather steering wheel

0715 M Aerodynamik paket

0788 M alu rims

0690 Kasetteplayer

xxx? CD-changer, 6 cd's.

If the spoiler-kit is the sportpaket. Then what is the aerodynamikpaket? Is that the small rearspoiler on the trunk?

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I would just like to complement you on your exquisite taste, very handsome motor.

Just a small point, if you have a facelifted car, won't it have the updated 193bhp engine ???

There are quite a few threads on tuning for the 530d - have a look in the E39 section. The plug in tuning box seems to be a popular choice, but after a discussion on engine tuning, I would try and go for a unique set up tailored to your specific car, rather than a generic, one suits all engine map.

Please tell us what you decide to go for and how you get on with it.

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bit tasty that Claus, nice choice..

welcome to the gentlemans 5 owner forum :lol:

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'ello Claus.

From what I understand, the 193bhp model had no physical differences from the 184bhp - which is an invitation for someone to correct me! :lol:

It's just tuned up a bit - so you should get a pretty good boost anyway. Common figures for plug in units are 0-60 in 6.9sec which is impressive, i'd love to have a full remap though, if only someone would sort my insurance out.

Just one question! - in the wet, have you found the traction control lights up at high-revs even on gentle motorway curves when accelerating? In 3rd the back end goes all wobbly until the traction control recovers it when I plant my foot! :lol:

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Howdy Dave!

I believe the 184 hp model didn't have the white/red taillights and didn't have the angeleyes in front. Those, I believe, was introduced on the 193 hp model.

Anyway: I got a really good deal on a tuningbox for the car, and I am waiting for it. I saw a 330D manual gearbox with the same box. 211 hp/499 Nm. That'll do for me too!

The 211/499 was reached without visible increase in exhaustsmoke.

My car is with steptronic, and I doubt It'll make 60 without having to change into 3rd. With 2 gearchanges, I don't think 6,9 is realistically within reach, but somewhere in the 7's should do fine too.

I don't know much about the traction control yet. I am still running on the temporary german exportplates offering no insurance-cover for my own car, if I crash.

I am anxiously waiting... New licenseplates and final insurancepapers are due in my mail later today or tomorrow... PLEASE, mister postman...

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