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Good morning all,

Was hoping some of you knowlegable chaps (or chapesses) could offer a second opinion on the below. I took my much loved and maintained e61 2005/55plate 525d msport to my new BMW stealer in Coventry (Sytners) for her routine service (143k miles) and this is what the robbin gits came back with:

  • Requires new EGR valve £241.50 + vat(even though just replaced along with other thormostat in Jan 12. see other topics)
  • Auto Gearbox oil change and new seal £370.00+vat!!!!!
  • New rear suspension wishbones (both sides) due to apparent knackered bushes, and new n/s/f track rod + alinement £1153.00+vat (not noticed any issues!!!)
  • Complete new pads & discs front / rear £678.00+vat (even thought all checked 100% by previous dealer in Jan 12 when thermostat replaced!!!)
  • Apparent engine oil leak from inlet manifold £322.00+vat (no leaks ever noticed on drive/ no excess consumtion etc....)

As you can see, the above list totals to a princely sum of cash, that even if required, i believe the prices to be over inflated and mildly taking the p*ss!

Q1) Has anyone else experienced issues as above with dealers trying it on?

Q2) Surely some of the faults would be noticable and spotted by other dealer in Jan 12?

Q3) Even allowing for worst case senario......Am I the only one shocked by the prices?

I look forward to the associated rants and constructive feedback :-)

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At 6 years old I think i'd be heading out of the dealer network into the specialist indys.

EGR Valve you say was "replaced along with other thormostat" - you getting confused between EGR valve and EGR stat?

When I had my Volvo my dealer was always telling me that "i'll soon be needing new discs and pads" - it constantly sailed through MOTs in the 3 years they were telling me that.

IMHO they're taking you for a MUG.

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If you used a genuine item to replace parts then they will be covered under a 2 year warranty which will include the removal and replacement!

I would go to an indy for a 2nd option. Sounds like to much money there for not a lot

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You need to consider the labour rate charged by main dealers today. I suspect it is in the region of £110 - £120 per hour, hence the high costs. (£140 per hour in London)

I am very wary of main dealers and the way they operate. Like you say, it appers they are trying it on.

I would be asking for a full detailed report on each item, what exactly is wrong with the egr valve ? what are the measurements on the discs & pads ?

Dealers now say " your pads are 75% worn and need replacing". You wouldn't leave quater of a pint of beer at the bar each time you had a drink or accept three quarters of a bottle of wine if served at a restuarant would you ? It's a way of making money in my view.

I'm suprised the other dealer didn't pick up the same items if they "need" replacing. It would be interesting to know who the other dealer was ? Are they part of the same group ? they share information and probably know what was and wasn't looked at in Jan.

Find a good Indy / specialist or even a competant mechanic.

How much was the service ? what did they do ?

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Competent Mechanics are the way to go really - if you can find one that actually isn't a monkey with a wrench! The BMW specialist Indy's near me are all way too expensive. They have their business just right - just 10% or so cheaper overall than a BMW dealer - enticing people towards them, but they do clean the car without charging!! The difference is not just enough to make it worthwhile.

Chances are that when I come to sell, I'll be buying another AUC, so it'll be PEX at a dealership - and any non BMW service stamps could be an excuse to knock £00's off the Partex. So in the long run it could be a false economy.

I'm waying up my options at the mo.....mine will be 5 years old when the major service is due, and I suspect it'll need a fair few things sorting.I might get the main servicing done at BMW and "sundries" at a non specific to BMW Indy...that way the service book is stamped correctly!!

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Fresh I am sure they are doing there job, trying to make money. You have a car that's getting on a bit in the old mileage department etc so I am not surprised that there are items needing attention. As to whether the other dealer was as thorough or diligent could be in question and may have falsified your hopes in the car being issue free.

As all above have said get a good Indy to give it a once over and satisfy your distrust in the MAIN STEALER!

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