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Lust4Life's E60 M5 - Taken Ownership off Andy

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Im Matt and I purchased the car from Adrian at the beginning of the summer, as soon as I felt the pull of this car I was sold on it plus it was a very cheap deal although there was a list of things that needed attention.


Firstly I had the front lower arm bushes replaced as every time you hit a cats eye on the motorway the old girl would completely change direction, then off came the big brakes as the discs were warped and pads getting low. I couldn't find out where to get replacements the same so decided to go back OEM, also when it comes to selling on it will hopefully make it more desirable to your typical BMW buyer. The next thing Ive had done was getting the exhaust removed. Now I can hear everyone saying all Andy's good work has been destroyed, but a combination of my wife and friends thinking I have decided to become a boy racer and the fact it was a little loud for me led to this decision also I had to consider when I come to selling on. There are still a couple of things that require attention The windscreen has half a dozen stone chips so that is being replaced next week and rear bushes have a little play in them which mainly shows up when coming off full throttle, I am convinced the clutch is on its way out as pulling off has become a little jumpy but other than that the car is still stunning in every way. Adrian managed to source an engine from a 2007 M6 with just 38k on it so there is plenty of life in the old girl yet.


Coming across this forum has really put a smile on my face and the coincidence of finding it reminds me how small a world we live in!! Phil happened to have his S6 advertised on eBay and mentioned in the listing he had previously owned an M5 that had been written off due to a water damaged engine and I thought there cant be many this has happen to and decided to drop him a line.





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Glad to see she is still in loving hands.

I am sure some members on her would be interested in buying the brakes and or exhaust system - it would be dead easy btw to take loudness out without going back to standard by adding back in the rear resonator or secondary cats

Disks and Pads are easily sourced for those 12 pots too

I have a set of drop links at home still for the car, pm me your address and I will post them over

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I was always torn between the loudness of the exhaust when I didn't need it against the absolutely glorious howl it made when you gave it the berries.


I needed a satnav option to include as many tunnels as possible :)

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I loved the loudness when your driving the car as it should be driven, but when you've got the wife and kids on board I found it a little intrusive, I still have the back boxes for the exhaust the other sections I gave to a friend, the callipers are sat in my shed if anyone is interested pm me.


Did you ever get to the bottom of Iphone/Ipod connectivity? 

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