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New Boy with an E28 and a pocket full of dreams...

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Hi All,

Whilst not even looking for another car, I accidentally bought this E28. All the usual excuses apply: It was local, there was nothing on the TV and I was able to lay my hands on the pound notes to seal the deal there and then. So, fate…or something then.

The finer details are as follows: It’s a 518i which is good for all the reasons my 316i was good: Fuel economy and light (relative) weight meaning it will be the perfect long distance motorway cruiser. It’s in original condition having been owned by a bank, used by the bank manager, and then given to him as his retirement gift. It’s got every BMW service stamp from day one and is not far off immaculate. It was the test drive that sold me;, it’s perfect mechanically (having just had a massive overhall including a clutch/ fluids etc.), the loudest sound it makes is the injectors ticking.




I've bagged myself a sweet pair of rear bumper quarters from the Legendary Tim, a set of Style 5s and have made up my own coilovers...



I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm desperately after a new drIver's or passenger seat in pacific blue cloth??? HELP!

It Should be a great cruiser for summer. FIRE UP THE LAND SHARK.

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Liking that! 8)...and in great condition too by the looks. Well done and welcome to the world of the E28! :)

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to hitting some shows and meets this year. This car is going to be my daily driver so will be getting plenty of use and love!

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