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Titanium E39 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring

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10/10 MrToad! Indeed they are Davrians, the Mk5 in the foreground is my Dads that he has owned since 1980. The Mk7a on top is mine, a racecar project for the future and the one below is a spare Mk5.

Just on ferry in way back from the Le Mans Classic - superb weekend away, will do bigger update with pics later. E39 did just under 900 miles averaging 41.5mpg, the majority at 85-90mph on cruise control with A/C on. It was the team car for the trip so had back seats down and full to roof with a few hundred kg of camping stuff. Normally I see 43-44mpg in the UK.

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Just read this thread, really interesting. I've only had my 530d a week or so, but i love it! Can't wait to improve on the SE looks though, still trying to decide whether to go the sport/alpina bumper route........ :mrgreen: My 530d isn't even run in yet compared to yours Rob as mine only has a 105k on it! :D


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Hi Rob, great thread, very interesting and informative.

Did double take at the snow pics though! But as you can see from mine - im a fully paid up member of the |Rondell tribe!

Mine also has a remap to around 230hp and 500Nm - which makes a lovely deifference.



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Awesome Conan -snap!

Replaced the trim pieces around the hatch opening this weekend - the original ones had broken tabs and were squeaking/rattling. In a fit of rage I tore them off a while back...




Just need to clean the residue off from where I used gaffa tape as a stop-gap to keep old ones on. Plus buff the old schwarz trim as it's going a bit grey.

And a post Le Mans clean for good measure :) It's nice to be able to use the hosepipe again!!!!



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hi rob, nice work so far. still not spied that sport box yet. lol.

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Not had a chance to get it on yet mate! Work has been silly busy and we've just finished a big house move.

Car is knocking on the door of 170k miles now and needs a freshen-up cosmetically - if anyone knows a really good bodyshop round the Oxford area please say - I need to get the front bumper resprayed and a couple of touch-ups on the sills etc.

Anyway, today I painted the Rondells black. With the mileage I do the wheels are covered in brake dust constantly (despite regular cleaning). IN a couple of months the winter wheels/tyres will be going on, at which point i'll get the Rondells professionally coated in black, so for now I thought I'd do them myself.

The wheels are in very good condition, so it was just a case of a thorough clean/degrease, key the existing paint with 1000 grit, quick coat of etch primer where I went through to bare ally and then lots of satin black topcoat. I have compressor/cheap Clarke gravity-fed spray gun and am very pleased with the results (I'm a total novice)....

Didn't even remove tyres, deflated them then 'tucked' masking tape under the bead and newspaper to cover tyres.


Key > wipe down with celly thinners > wipe down with tack cloth > etch > 4 or 5 coats of top coat


Leave for an hour or two and then carefully peel masking away


Reinflate (my electric pump has one AWOL in the house move - my right thigh is enormous now!)


And changeover. Here you can see how grubby/dusty the standard silver finish is between washes thanks to the mileage I do


Finished. Despite readjusting the levels, camera can't capture the contrast and therefore definition of the spokes anymore.



Additionally, whilst waiting for rims to dry etc I whipped the rear 'diffuser' off and treated the removable tow-bar hanger to a clean and coat of hammerite as it was starting to look a little scabby. Also gave the rear underside a thorough degrease/wash for that feel good factor :) But forgot to take updated pics :(



Next-up is new suspension time. All links/bushes etc have been done in past 30-40k miles but it really needs new shocks all round as I do a lot of B-road mileage now and I can feel it missing out on some damping in bump. Starting to look for the best prices on OE Sachs shocks but it's a scary bill!!

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I have to say i think it looked better with the wheels silver but i dare say black ones are easier to maintain? As for suspension I just fitted the Bilstein B8 set up I got from Jimmy on here and it's transformed the handling of my 530d! I also upgraded the sub frame bushes as well. It feels like a new car now and corners completely flat. :mrgreen:

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I have a spot booked on the ramps at Xmas to replace dampers and the rear upper links. In the meantime I replaced the rear ARB yesterday for an M5 one (18mm), as the droplinks were rattling. When I pulled it all the lower ball on the droplinks just dropped out the nylon socket in the droplinks they were that worn!! These were the originals that had somehow lasted 170k miles...

So two new Lemforder droplinks, one M5 arb and two polyurethane bushes later


Equals a great improvement in body control and increased roll stiffness at rear. Much much better :)

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That's a nice upgrade! How much was the M5 ARB if you don't mind me asking?


I paid £50 mate from a breaker in Leicester, plus the cost of the polyurethane bushes too.

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She's still rocking on taking te miles in her stride. Now winter has set in though she looks like this most of the time :( .....


I picked-up a set of power-folding mirrors with switch and control box.


Obviously in the wrong colour for my car so set about spraying the covers myself...

1. good clean first to get all dirt, grease, contaminants off


2. good going over with wet and dry to key surface. Crack in passenger cover needs sorting....


3. I plastic-welded the crack from the inside, then applied filler on the outside


4. flatted back again


5. I then used halford's rattle can (all I could get hold of in good time) with this nifty little gadget. 3-4 colour coats the 2-3 lacquer.


6. She was out, so oven on 50degC to speed-up the process!


7. In the meantime, approach the beast to install the mirrors!


All finished, with a wash for good measure. She's running on winter tyres now (Hankook Icebears) and the original Style 66 wheels that I had refurbishe recently.



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Haha love it. 'She was out' I think most of us get up to bits like this while the woman is out :lol:

'She was out' , loved that and yes, a few things done whilst 'she' is out!

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