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My 530D touring (114k) has been virtually faultless until about 14 months ago when the turbo blew, big time, causing oil fire

I got a reman unit and had it fitted by my local garage, all good except that it whistled a lot at low revs, power delivery and consumption all fine with no smoke. after 7- 8k however Im getting intermiitent power problems, mostly on motorways, put foot down at say 60mmph and response is zero, if it s a hill it will slow and the revs will gradually decrease. After a few miles and a bit of juddering normal service will kick in again. the problem might not occur for up 200 miles but at other times can be more frequent. Garage put it on diagnostics for me and it came up with P1E30, Boost Control or Boost Control Valve. Phoned Turbo supplier ( Essex Turbos) they say most likely cause is carbon build up on the vanes, but I cant understand this as I had the oil breather changed and the In Intercooler cleaned when the new turbo was fitted.

Im no expert to say the least but im wondering if;

- An unrelated problem is present and the Turbo fault code hasnt cleared from the previous issue

- The boost Control Valve/sensor is faulty

- There is a problem with the replacement turbo (I hope not as the guranttee has expired)

Also I dont know whether to to take it to my local garage again or whether I need a BMW specialist workshop to have a look at it. Bearing in mind its a 10 year old car which is no worth a fortune

Would welcome any thougts

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