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Help cruise control stopped working

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ive done a search but nothing specific to my problem found

so anyone shed some light on this please

took my car out today, on a dual carriage way tried to switch cruise control on and nothing no light on dash or anything

ive used it before on my last motorway journey and it was fine so in between this period its stopped working

car is an 03 reg 520i sport m54 engine auto (so no clutch pedal switch problem)

few things ive checked...

1) all the button on the mfsw work so its not that fuse

2) my searches show there isnt a direct fuse for cruise control?

3) i have read about the fault ignition switch problem but my car displays no other symptons which could suggest it was that...all electrics work, no warning lights on dash, nothing playing up

4) i did this test after reading on google...but not sure if theres any sense in it

i start the car ,,,without touching the brake pedal (car in park mode) i press the cruise control on button and the green light on dash comes on

as soon as i touch the brake pedal it goes off

i read somewhere that this suggests its a faulty maf sensor.... howver my car is running fine, no juddering or clonking off, idles at approx 700rpm ??

or could it be a wheel sensor ... i think this because the light goes off when i touch my brake suggesting its to do with brakes....but again abs light or traction light not on dash.

only thing ive done since the cruise working and not working is service the car...use proper oil, (could i have damaged something while removing airbox?

i thought id ask before getting it plugged in.

thanks in advance

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ok cheers, looks like ill have to plug it in otherwise its a case of random guesses

i read on an e46 forum that there could be a bad earth on the rear tail lights..thats why when i touch the brakes it causes cruise to switch off..??

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without doing some research I'd not know. Geting codes out of the various ECU modules would be a big help.

If you've done the usual searches you might try Bentley Publisher too, the do the best bmw workshop manuals and have an online forum too:


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had it plugged in, computer couldnt acces cruise control, but there was a maf sensor code showing up, so i bought a brand new maf off ebay £30.00 and problem fixed.

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Sorry to bring up a REALLY old thread but I'm having same issue with my cruise deactivating when I touch brake pedal.

It's happened at same time as local garage have replaced front left pad sensor as the wiire was cut on old sensor (yet cruise still worked!).

New sensor and inspection 1 now no cruise!!!!


The garage aren't BMW specialists and are now just shrugging there shoulders at it with no clue what it could be.


Could it be an incompatible aftermarket brake sensor maybe??


They also said there's a MAF fault code but said it was old but again they don't know. 

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