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Using INPA for Self Levelling adjustment. How to activate afterwards?

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I've got an 04 E61 530d with Self Levelling rear suspension. I've used INPA to re-calibrate my rear ride height after fitting -30mm H&R springs up front and the car is now aware of what the new ride height is and correctly records that as zero.

I can use the 'hand controller' part of INPA to raise and lower the car and the compressor works fine. It always self levelled nicely before the height change.

But now I've changed the settings, the car doesn't try to self-level any more. It's dropping about 20mm a week and I'm having to periodically use the laptop to run the compressor and top the air up.

I've been into the Mode Setting page on INPA and changing the modes there doesn't seem to do anything different.

I can see there's a fault code of 5F B4 60 which I believe relates to 'sleep mode active' or similar, but I can't work out how to turn this off? There's seems to be an option in the Mode Setting page to turn of Energy Saving mode (which I'd guess is the same as sleep mode?) but pressing this doesn't seem to do anything.

It's as though after changing any self levelling suspension settings with INPA, I need to somehow initialise the settings and put it into active mode.

Can anyone shed any light?

thanks in advance,


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