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How do you remove the instrument cluster?

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Hi Guys

Sorry to ask this, I have done a search but some of the 'how to' links no longer work.

Could anyone tell me how to go about removing my instrument cluster please?

I think my ABS warning light has been tampered with and would like to investigate. ABS not working and the light is about a quarter lit up from the right hand side as if someone has had a go at removing the bulb. It seems to be getting more lit up as time goes on as if the bulb is moving?!

I have only had this 520 for about 6 months and i thought it was in really good order. I never had cause to slam the brakes on and test the ABS but since noticing this light starting to light up i have tried it and the wheels lock straight up, no attempt from the ABS. I want to get the car right (and safe) as my wife mainly uses it to run the kids about.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Remove (pull out) both dash covers under instrument cluster. It will reveal 3 screws. Remove those and 3 torx on top part of cluster surrounding. Pull out surrounding. Remove electric connectors from either side so you can lift the surrounding on top of dash. Remove 2 torx screws on top of cluster. Then pull out cluster. Cluster electric connectors are lever type, press pin and pull the lever.

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Thanks Clavurion - ill give it a go asap

Dan - its a 520 mate

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