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M3 Experience, loved it.....but!

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I did the M3 experience today at Oulton Park, what a car, what a track. Loved every second of it, including a scarey fast ride with the EXCELLENT BTCC driver Paul O'Neill :D

BUT, i kept getting restricted by some of the slower drivers. Im not talking of the people who where quite slow and pulled over, Im talking

of the ones who where quickish in the straights, but crap at braking and corners. Im mainly blaiming the intructors for my slight disappointment, as

it is them who SHOULD be telling their drivers to move over, which some didnt! Out of the 16 or so laps i did, i didnt get ONE single full speed lad :(

Im not saying Im the best driver in the world, but if any of you have experienced this, you'll know my frustration.

On a positive notes, the instructor said i was very good, and to stop doing these "days/experiences" and get a track day car :)

New thread to follow ;)

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Heres a video of me.........nah! Paul O'Neill taking off


and some piccys


me looking like a tit!


More M3's




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