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Testimonials..Dyeing your leather. How did you do do yours!

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Hi all,

I see feedback comments are being posted and thought it would be an idea to have a post just for feedback, techniques, pros and cons.

If you share your experiences (good or bad) then other members can take confidence in knowing that 95% of members who use the dye have never done this before and get great results.

Similarly if you do not have a good experience with using the dye then as a community we can help you figure out what or where it went wrong and look for a resolve

I will always help with any issues but I will not ignore the wealth of knowledge from members who have done this for the first time who want to share there experiences and offer help and advice.

Ive copied a couple of post made on another thread and if you can expand on this to start it off that would be great!


I'll post some pics tomorrow.....

I only wish I'd have taken some 'befores' as the transformation was stunning.

The bolster was quite scuffed, very rough and had lost the coloured surface over an area like the palm of your hand, the worst on any car I've ever had.

TBH I didn't think this stuff would cut the mustard. I'm pleased to say I was wrong :)

I'm feeding with conditioner twice a day so I'm expecting a slight variation in the final finish, but they still look like new and 'matt' with a hint of sheen.

A 100% improvement for £14 !

I want to second that.

Got a kit from bespoke to do my badly worn beige leather. Did the whole lot and they look like new!

Will post a few pics on here when I get the chance. But can honestly say that any used car I get with leather will be getting redone with one of these kits.

They are very easy to use and give a finish that is equal to the original even on areas where the colour has completely worn through like my drivers side bolster.

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I was going to buy a full refurb kit from John. However, having never done the procedure myself and having seen some of the photos of John's work plus having read some of the in depth advice John gave me once I sent him photos of the seats in my E36 Convertible I decided it was going to be worth the extra cost to let him do the job professionally for me.

It was the right decision!

The results are nothing short of stunning! The seats look virtually like new seats again! :-D

John clearly knows what he's doing inside out; the whole process was done within only two days with no fuss whatsoever at John's premises which were immaculate (I've operated in operating theatres that weren't as clean and tidy as his premises! :lol: ).

If anyone is thinking of going all the path of having their leather interior refurbished I can highly recommend John.

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Used the kit this afternoon on my wifes 12 year old z3 and the interior looks like it just came out the factory great results, thanks a lot.


Think i may be on a promise now  lol.

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