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another 525tds question

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yer on the front of the manifold

its purpose is to let exhaust gasses back into the engine

idea being to lower emmisons and runnign temperatures

however, they tend to get all gummed up and make a nice restriction to the inlet.

Refit with a land rover egr delete item, they are all over ebay

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thanks for the quick reply so this could cause athe car to feel like it is losing power seems to be gradually getting slower there is no smoke and the car starts on the first click of the key


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it could be one of a multitude of things, yes... they can get gummed open and allow exhaust gasses to re circulate when not ideal

But, it is only a multitude of possibilities.

Injection pump

injector (s)


plugged cat

clogged air filter

loss of compression..

list goes on, but certainly chucking the egr is one of the simpler and most inexpensive things to do, it made a barely noticible improvement on my old td, i swear spool was earlier... but cant be sure

Hopefully one of hte more profficient diesel experts on here can offer some better diagnostic procedures for you

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