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Max Rockatansky

Advice for a track day helmet

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Hi Gents,

I've tried to find info (including on this forum) regarding what kind of helmet to buy for the occasional track day/Nurburgring outing and what makes it a bit more challenging is that I live in Germany so the comments I've found about standards etc. are mostly not applicable. I've read that one of the main standards in the EU is ECE 22-05, at least for motorcycles- is it enough if I just try out a few which meet that standard? And are there any brands to avoid?

I have no idea what I'm doing :D


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Pretty much any road legal motorbike helmet will do, but never mind that;

Tell us more about this "1967 Fiat 500 with 1979 5.3L V12 Jag XJS engine and JATO rockets"

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