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Any advice when choosing a track car?

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For 7k, I would look no further than a Caterham, Westfield, or well sorted Locost 7. A 1.6 120bhp Caterham is the most fun I have had on track (bikes aside), and is such an easy car to drive fast. Teaches you a lot about on the limit handling.

I have seen early ZZR1100 engined Radicals go for 7k, much, much faster than the Lotus7 type cars, but I would also hazard a guess at less forgiving too.

Early Caterham for me, best I could buy for 7k, then sell it a year later for the same 7k when the track bug really bites and you want to upgrade.


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For 7k

I thought the budget Hadleigh007 gave was 2k?! Hence my budget banger Metro suggestion :oops:

Kettleboy came in with a bit of a thread hi-jack at 7k. But you are right, with that sort of budget, Type 7 all the way! However, you don't quite need 7k for a good Lotus 7 copy car with a bike engine as 4k to 5k will get you something good. This came up in a different thread on here a couple of months ago.

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