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E12 m535i Henna Red resto now moving forward :)

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Does anyone know what happened this car or know more about it?


I actually came across it earlier today - in Holland - and jumped on here to see if it was a previous members car or if there was some history on it.


Looks like the mileage hasnt moved much and from the pictures it hasnt had much work carried out other than some replacement panels etc...

$_59 (1).jpeg

$_59 (2).jpeg

$_59 (3).jpeg

$_59 (4).jpeg

$_59 (5).jpeg

$_59 (6).jpeg

$_59 (7).jpeg

$_59 (8).jpeg

$_59 (9).jpeg

$_59 (10).jpeg

$_59 (11).jpeg

$_59 (12).jpeg

$_59 (13).jpeg

$_59 (14).jpeg


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