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Calling the experts e34 B10 Allrad

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Just read the article - I don't get it.

Why were the UK Allrads mentioned built in Nottingham and not in Germany?

At that time nearly all Alpina's were made by Sytner, and also other dealers in other countries. The B10 BiTurbo and B7 Turbo were exceptions, and I suspect there were others but I couldn't even guess at the reasons. It definitely wasn't to do with whether it was purely cosmetic or not as B10 3.5, B11 3.5 and B12 5.0 engine conversions were all done at Nottingham, as were two E34 B10 4.0 but not the E34 B10 4.6.

The E36 B2.5 cars were British built only and all the other E36's were Buchloe. E31 5.0 cars are UK but the E31 5.7 cars are Buchloe. E30 C2 2.7 cars are UK but all the 'B' cars are Buchloe so I can only suggest a complexity or rhd/lhd issue then a gradual hauling back of all building to Buchloe.


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20k and no centre caps? paff.

Looks like it's from Japan?

Those tyres don't look right

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I thought it was the V8 3.0?



As you can see from the photos in the parts catalogue, the engine is a V6 3.0L engine 



Just to tidy this up for this page - Engine is an inline 6 (like the M50 it is based on)


The blue saloon is now on ebay for £9995



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Well well well, I thought I should resurrect this thread as I saw an Alpina Allrad today. Its one of the only two RHD Allrads converted by Sytners and the only survivor. Steven Chinery having broken the other. I was rather surprised, the interior was a grey standard BMW cloth sports interior in standard e34 cloth condition, I.e. driver's seat was well worn.  It's a Generation 2  facelift iX so no electro hydraulic rear diff. Condition wise, its seen better days as it lost an argument with a Latvian lorry and has been laid up since. Still the owner plans to complete all the necessary repairs and get it back on the road. 

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On 01/07/2010 at 12:55, chrislux said:

The B10 Allrad was based on the E34 525iX .

The engine was stroked to 3.0 , and increased

power to 231PS .

There were 63 Saloons and 70 tourings built

between '93-'96 . All were LHD .

They were most popular in the Skandinavian

countries , and also Switzerland and Austria ,

although a few filtered out to other countries .

Non went to the UK .

They're nice cars to run , not much difference

to a 525iX except because power/weight ratio

is better , so is fuel consumption .

Nearly all that I have seen were well equipped

with leather/kliima/elec windows/sun-roof .

If you're looking to buy one , this has to be the

best available , but at a cost !! @£30k !!


I had chance to buy a friends here , but didn't have

money at the time , which was real shame , because

it drove superbly and is obviously a rare car , so is

a nice classic .


Just to put Chris right, as discussed elsewhere there were two RHD Alpina Allrads.

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Looking forward to carrying out the restoration of my 

RHD - 1994 B10 3.0 ALPINA ALLRAD,


I never knew that this car existed and it’s been living under my nose (across the road) from me since new!

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On 21/12/2020 at 09:06, sharkfan said:

So for all the people, including me, who wished for a right hand drive Alpina B10 3.0 AllRad Touring - it appears one has been discovered...






Looks like one has been lost in Denmark 



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Looking forward to carrying out the restoration of my RHD - 1994 B10 3.0 ALPINA ALLRAD


You just need to resist putting things on it that weren't on it to start with! That'll be the hard part.

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