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Handbrake adjustment help please

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Hi all,

Ive got a 1998 520i and I think the handbrake needs adjusting because you have to pull it right up,

Is it a cheap/easy job?

Ive just been made redundant so dont really want to put it in the garage if its going to cost me loads but it does need doing :(

any advice?


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There are 2 adjuster nuts underneath the handbreak lever.

Also adjusters inside the rear disc hubs. The picture shows it with the disc off but obviously this needs to be done with the disc on.




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Here's what the Bentley Manual says

The parking brake system is independent of the main braking system and may require periodic adjustment depending on use. Adjust the parking brake if the brake lever can be pulled up more than 8 clicks.

340-22 BRAKES

The parking brake is a drum system integrated into the rear brake rotors. It can be adjusted with the wheels installed, although the rear wheels will have to be raised off the ground.

- Lift the parking brake lever boot out of console. While holding cables stationary, loosen parking brake cable nuts until cables are completely slack.

- Raise rear of car.

- Remove one lug bolt from each rear wheel. Turn road wheel until lug bolt hole lines up with parking brake adjuster [dead bottom, ie 6 o'clock position]

- Using flat-bladed screwdriver, reach into brake drum through lug hole. Turn brake adjuster until wheel no longer turns. Back adjuster off 12 notches.

- Working inside the car, set parking brake several times to seat cable. Then pull parking brake lever up 2 notches. Tighten cable adjusting nuts until it is just possible to turn rear wheels with slight resistance.

- Release lever and make sure rear wheels turn freely.

- Turn on ignition. Pull up parking brake lever 1 notch and make sure that parking brake warning light comes on. If not, adjust parking brake warning light contact switch.

- Install parking brake lever boot. Install road wheel lug bolts. (Tightening torque road wheel to hub 89+7 ft-lb)

Hope this helps

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Recently replaced the shoes on mine. Basically, as above. First, slacken off the nuts at the handbrake lever. Then remove one wheel nut and the adjuster is at the bottom. The right side adjuster turns downward to adjust it up, the left one goes upward.

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