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Retset nearly spins ....

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.... whilst braking FFS :lol:

at a recent Colerne airfield day. TBH, I did a big slide once and had a lot of 'moments'. I think that not driving it for months meant there was a lot of "yee hah" stored up in my system - the sight of not much beyond the cones was more than I could bear and so I put in 100%, even before I had fully learnt the track :lol:

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It looks to me that it locked as soon as you lifted the clutch into second, the extra(massive-6k+rpm) retardation combined with hard on the brakes locked the wheels. Pretty much how you summed it up on the video.

I was at Abingdon airfield yesterday and had a wail of a time in the Pug. No matter how much we thrash it, it won't die. :) Had a slight sideways moment at just under a 100mph which in a front wheel drive car is interesting. A quick flick of the wheel saved it, but didn't save my old mans underpants who was in on a pax lap.

Post up next time you are at one of the airfields and we might just be there. I presume you used MSE?

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You gone done a shift lock.

Its a technique for drift initiation. Select the lower gear a little early and let the clutch out without rev matching whilst turning in, normally with a dab if brakes to help it along.

With the weight of the car forwards under braking it takes very little to lock the rear wheels shifting down like that.

Well held though, surprised that's not more of a common occurrence in a VX lol.

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What's with the thread necrophilia?

That's what I was just thinking, lol.

That VX looks like a real weapon BTW ;)

It was. I really wish I hadn't sold it. Got it handling just the way I wanted. The new owner has supercharged it to 250bhp so now it goes like it handles... I still miss it. :(

You gone done a shift lock

I didn't know it was called that but, yes, sounds exactly right. I can vouch for the fact it works as a drift technique :D

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