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help stripping electrics out for track day

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i am trying to strip out my e34 for track use, i am a bit stuck with the wires, i need to remove lots but not sure where to start, there's about 500 miles of wiring,if anyone can help, i am good at making bacon rolls!!! i will post pics up soon in the project section.

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It shouldn't be too hard a job - I'm guessing you've stripped the rest of the interior?

You just need some leccy tape and some snips, start from the back of the car and work forwards.

Well worth doing this job with the car running - if it stops when you cut through a cable, you know you need it!

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i have been also removing wiring for my track car. you can remove loads of wires depending what you want left working.

i have got mine down to one loom from barrell to fuse box and all other internal wires removed, i shall not be using windows, lights or anything electric beyond the engine bay bulk head.

also with the internal heater removed and by passed.

the wiring is a nightmare and so much of it is not needed for track use but the car has a loom that fits everything that could be fitted to the car.

i'm left with 8 wires from barrell to fuse box to which only three are really needed and will be trimmed down when switch and isolater are fitted to power engine bay loom and starter, from this i took a switched live to rear of car for fuel pump live and thats it.

but if you need windows, wipers and lights then there isn't much you can remove but as said one wire at a time should sort it.

see attached pics to whats left inside mine now (yet to be tidied up when roll cage is fitted)




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