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E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

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On 7/26/2017 at 4:50 PM, ROOTS. said:

I also went for E34 M5 brakes to replace the rubbish on my car after driving for about 100 miles since buying it.

Got new brass guides for the calipers, pagid discs, EBC yellowstuff pads, braided lines & E32 master cylinder. 

Cost me about £500 in total.


I've got this to do on mine. Have the e34 m5 calipers already and will start the refurb in the next few weeks. Like you i went for pagid discs but different pads. My only debate really is the master cylinder...how do find the e32 master cylinder?...as reading up on it people seem to think it makes the brakes sort of on or off and no in between?

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