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'How To' Guides and Really Useful Links

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Lots of info and DIY from a Swedish website (in English)




plus stats such as:

  • 525iX's made up 0.7% of e34 production (9366 out of a total of  1 331 056 E34:s produced) Less than M5's at 0.92%
  • Tourings made up 9.37 % of e34 production
  • Manual was the most popular transmission choice overall at 62.05%
  • M50 was the most popular engine at 42.95% followed by M20 (22.48), m51 (10.65%), M30 (8.86) then M21 (5.33)
  • 84.46% went to Europe, 12.52% to USA, 1.24% to ZAF (zaff Afrika?), 0.645 to Thailand


Link not found !

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e32 info and fixes website (some M60, m30 info crosses over into e34)




Aux pump inof & repair http://www.meeknet.co.uk/E31/AuxPump/E31_E32_Auxiliary_Pump_Repairs.htm


Batteyr voltage table at different temperatures http://www.meeknet.co.uk/E38/State%20Of%20Charge.pdf 

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