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Part number locator websites:



Part number prices

Cotswold BMW Gloucester (sponser of this forum!!)

if you need a price outside of hours

http://www.cooper-bmw-parts.co.uk/ (accept paypal use search top right of page)

http://www.online-teile.com/bmw/ (accept paypal use search top LEFT of page)

http://www.bmminiparts.com/ (common parts only it seems)

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BMW Air Con R12 to R134a installation instructions attached (Part 01 29 9 788 367)

Refrigerant Weights in grams on last page (e34 = 1550g)


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The special offer thread of bargains / deals etc


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Disabling BMW 3T / 3GS Alarm Siren but retaining the remote C/L function.

The reason for doing this came about because my 3T chirps when arming / disarming, which I cannot turn off because BMW dealers no longer have anything to do with them.

The 3T also does not have a key to disable the siren like the older Sirens do. Since nobody pays attention to car alarms anymore and as it's now illegal for alarms to audibly arm and disarm, the siren had to go!

I was simply going to cut the siren wire but as a member on here pointed out (cheers Shaun_89), the siren can be unplugged very easily. Selling the car on with a working alarm will be easier than explaining a snipped cable!

Here's how you do it....

1) Locate your siren position, which is nearly always on the driver's side inner wing...


2) Then trace the cable to where it goes into the cabin, which on mine is in front of the fusebox (passenger side)....


3) If the cable is coming in there, you'll need to drop the glove box by first removing the circlips from the support strap hinges....


4) Then reaching underneath the glovebox, pull the clips down to release the glovebox from it's mounting rail...


5) With the glovebox out of the way, undo these screws and drop the plastic moulding down...


6) Have a poke around for this wire and then disconnect it....


And that's it! Your alarm will now still function as normal, but less the annoying chirps! If the ultrasonics or pin switches are triggered, the alarm still flashes the indicators as normal, so you do at least still get a visual deterrant.

And just a note on refitting the glovebox as it was a pain in the backside the first time I tried it.

1) These clips slide in and out and ......


2) .....clamp onto this support rail.....


3) The idea is to position the glovebox correctly so that it opens smoothly before locking the rear tabs into place. The knurls on the support rail stop the glovebox sliding left and right, so you do need to get it right, or it will foul on one side when dropped, which feels horrible.

I found it easier to fit the front straps *first* and then get the rear clamps into position and lock them in.

The previous owner had been in there at some point and not done that, which explains why the glovebox always opened unsmoothly on the wonk! It's perfect now 8)

Hope this helps...

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Yep, the page ids got wiped when the forum was upgraded as a guess. The links will need redoing I think.

Thats right, i've been doing mine as I discover them...

Retrofitting armrests http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/54428-any1-fitted-armrests-to-sports-seats-or-have-sports-with-em/page__gopid__617402

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Pentosin CHF11S & 7.1 hydraulic fluid datasheet attached - to help those with self levelling suspension (SLS)

PENTOSIN datasheet attached includes BMW and other car manufacturers part numbers (which may come in handy if you have one of those closer than the BMW dealer)

Halfords sells their own branded 'version' and there is also a 'version' by Comma which a local motor factor may stock.


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E34 OBC Remote Programming FYI

You can choose the obc functions to display on the instrument cluster by pressing in the obc stalk see


from original thread http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/66889-obc-stalk-switch-lack-of-functions/

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