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Forum Guidelines.........Please Read

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Dear members,

We would like to remind you of the following:

This board is for likeminded BMW enthusiasts to freely and openly discuss their views and we the staff do not believe in overmoderation or censorship of your views and opinions.

However, there have been instances where views and opinions have turned into arguments between members, which can always happen with subjects people are passionate about.

We are all for free and open discussion on this forum, as we are also for differences of opinion and the discussion it creates.

What we are not for is personally insulting, derisory or derogatory comments in relation to other members, their views or their cars.

The management will be taking a firm stance on any members whose posts fall into these categories.

Please just take a few seconds to read your post one last time before you hit 'Submit'.

We are all here for the same reason, to enjoy our cars, to discuss issues whether they be related to BMWs or in the other more general discussion areas but let's keep it mature and civilised at all times please.

Thank you,

The Managment team.

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