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The BMW5 random picture thread

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First off, this is an idea I've unashamedly ripped off from VX220.org ;) We appear to have some fantastic photographers on the site and so I feel this will be a great thread.

The rules are simple:

1) You must have taken the pic

2) Max 800X600

3) Nothing too rude - saucy OK. I'll be pleased to look at any rude pics if you want a decision making first :lol:

4) Any subject except the 5 series

I'll kick off with a picture taken going onto the East runway of London City in 2004. I've let photobucket reduce it so fingers crossed re the quality. Note the steepness of the approach (a 5.5 degree glideslope, the usual is 3.0 degrees). It was fun ... good old days :)


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Why dont we do a themed one every two weeks with the winner deciding on the next fortnights subject?

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oh not sure on what one to use so here is a few, completly different i dont even think i am that good with a camera i dont know how to use half the features on my camera "call me lucky"


my friend wanted some pictures taken of his work and with some photoshopping and a halogen lamp i got a cool affect.


a night out in london in my mates car and a quick stop in a busy area got this chance shot.


i cant find the original of this (hence the size),

But the Lambo was gorgeous at duxford air base, it was having a photo shoot for top gear magazine i think the guy said.

sorry i got carried away slap me if required.

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Taken last year in Barcelona, Spain. This is the small image as I can't make it 800x600.

If you'd like to see it larger, click the link below it.

I really do love this photo. I like the shadows cast across the arches, and the sign on the left and the red chemist sign on the right. I do like symmetrical photos but by introducing these objects I think it becomes more interesting. :-) Something like that anyway!



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You did say a random picture thread?

This is the last picture taken, only this morning of my breakfast.


This was taken with a 5mp Nokia N95 if your interested in the technical stuff.

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not quite as arty as the other entries but i love how it works, this was fishing on the river ebro in spain, the fish is a 110lb catfish, i think this picture feels more alive than normal fish pictures and almost immerses you in their world....taken on a 3.2MP camera


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A happy time for me in County Clare, December 2003, waiting whilst the hounds find the scent:




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Lord Norman Fosters creation at the German Parliament in Berlin 'The Reichstag', taken almost two years ago. It's a double helix spiral to the top. The space actually acts to filter fresh air into the parliament below as well as reflect natural light. Oh and the big thing i call 'the mechanical curtain' moves around to where the sun is to help shade the interior, always keeping it cool and not allowing heat to build up.

At the top you can look into the poloticians area below, If anyone knows the Welsh Assembly at Cardiff bay, it's 'kind of' like that except it's not timber.

FULL SIZE IMAGE - http://toxicdesign.deviantart.com/art/Double-Helix-30502146

I've just looked at the camera EXIF data and realised it's EXACTLY two years ago to this day! Wow, how weird is that! Someone trying to tell me something? ....

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Cant remember where exactly we was flyng over at the time but it was back in 2005 and we was on our way home from Kos in Greece......




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Thought I add a few of my aeoplane related snaps.

These first four were taken in the Gulf last year



This is what happen when you leave your jet parked outside during a tornado (ironic I know)



These were taken on route to some detachment somewhere, I forget where, maybe Canada.



This was in the gulf as well, you want random!


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