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Having turned the biblical 3 score years and 10 I decided that, having never owned one before, I would come over to the dark side and buy a Beemer, perhaps going out with a bang! Being retired most of my journeys are quite local but we holiday in the UK for about 10 to 12 weeks a year (lockdowns permitting) with our 2 dogs so to get all of us and our luggage space is a must and in order to ease my social conscience and, maybe, save a polar bear or 2, I quite fancied a hybrid.


For nearly 20 years I'd been a recidivist planet wrecking SUV driver, mostly Honda CRV's and Volvo XC60's, but decided to repent my sins with a Skoda Superb Estate about 2 yrs ago. Nice motor, lot of bang for the bucks but a bit rough around the edges at times, lots to commend it though and it certainly didn't feel a step down from my previous Volvo. Having settled with an estate I tried an Audi A6 and through very luxurious it was too much like the Skoda in layout and tech. Considered an E class Merc but to me they've gone a bit too blingy. Fell in love with the 530e as soon as I drove one, very much a different class to the Skoda but it did cost nearly as much to change as the total cost of the Skoda brand new.


Ordered at the end of May and delivered 5 months later at end of October by which time my Skoda had appreciated by £3-£4K making the deal far less painful. Really enjoying it but most of my journeys have been local on leccie, just before Crimbo managed a long weekend away in Anglesey. About 450 miles in total, and filling up prior to leaving and on my return was pleased that fuelly.com showed 98.6mpg for the jaunt but I did bung the holiday home owner £20 so I could top up the battery whilst there.


Long intro and if you've got this far and are still awake hope to see you on the G30/31 board as I'm sure as a newby I'll have plenty of daft questions for those with more BMW 5 series experience than me.

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What  an intro...... and welcome to the forum. My son got a good deal on selling his f10 120i, managing to clear the finance and have enough leftover to buy his e34 and fettle it with goodies. Surely used car prices will come down soon?

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