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Tyre choice

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Nexen N'Fera SU1s


Uniroyal Rainsport 5s


Vredestein Ultrac Vorti's 


Goodyear Eagle F1s


They'd be my choice, having had experience of them all, the Vreds for me lead the pack 

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Buy the best tyre you can afford, that suits your driving. EG if you drive it spiritedly and don't do a lot of miles get some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. If you commute in it and cover decent miles each year get something like a Michelin Primacy 3, Goodyear Efficient Grip etc. Your budget will dictate what brand you end up with. 


You will need to check if you have runflats, or want run flats. But i'd advise to get tyres with an XL sidewall. 


I've had Hankook Ventus Prime's & Ventus Evo's - got 30k out of a set of both of those (still with 3mm tread remaining). I am currently on Goodyear efficientgrip, and will get 30k from these to with similar tread depth remaining. 

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Another vote for the Michelin PS4's! 

Got 13k miles out of the rears last time and fronts are on about 17k now and still good!!! (17k in 8/9 months!!!) 

Thats on a 545i E61 and I do drive 'enthusiastically' (though leave the tc on mostly!) 

Genuinely felt like I'd had a suspension refresh when they went on too. 

Handling/grip vastly improved. Very good in all conditions as well - even standing water (just no good on a muddy slope) 

Had bridgestone runflats when I bought the car that were terrible (and old, to be fair). 

Changed to Eagle F1's and they weren't very impressive - and wore spectacularly quickly!!!! Rears lasted maybe 5/6k and were through to the canvas!!!!! (Caught me out!!!)

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