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Interface or not ?

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Hoping this is in the appropriate sub-forum ;)


My 1998 523i has a retro-fitted Xtrons unit, which means the loss of ability to zero the cluster readouts such as the MPG & range readings.

I understand that an interface can be installed into the Xtrons to enable these, plus other readouts, to be viewed. I have no idea what such an install would cost, but my main concern is would I be adding get another level of electrical complication to a car that's already 23 years old ?

More importantly, would the subsequent failure of that modification adversely effect the everyday driving of the car ?


Thanks for reading guys.

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Hi Norseman,


There's the Resler Module unit which is the hardware required and the iBus app which is the software that needs to be installed on the head unit. Both items are available from the people at the 'Ibus App' here - https://shop.ibus-app.de/en/


The 'older' Resler interface was around £30 inc delivery to the UK, and looks like the newer 'Resler Module' is now about double the price! 


Before you purchase, you'll need to ensure the Xtrons unit you've got will work with the Resler Module as not all chinese replacement units can/will do that. 


For your last question, then 'technically' and 'Potentailly', yes. I don't believe the Resler hardware nor the Ibus app have been 'tested and certified' by the various automotive testing specialists during the development of each product. Thus, if there ever was a failure on the hardware module, there 'possibly' could be an error that's sent back along the iBus protocol that'll cause an issue with the car's systems. Its for this reason, that any high quality product, that's made and uses automotive grade materials/components are tested in all scenarios to ensure they don't cause issues/problems/catastrophic failures with the rest of the cars systems in the event of failing. The cost of doing this testing and certification process and then being issued with a certificate is very expensive and thus why the vast majority of enthusiast made products don't go to those levels of quality.


Practically, with thousands of Resler Interfaces in cars out there, perhaps there's only been a handful of instances where the unit has caused an issue. It might be zero instances or it might be several hundred or thousands. It's not really possible to tell as other aspects may well have been determined to be the cause. So overall, you 'should' be just fine with the hardware added to your car!


Cheers, Dennis!

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