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Bavarian Cortina fan

Remove cigarette smoke from the headliner

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Bought the car 2 weeks ago and it had 3 air fresheners - which should have sounded alarm bells, but hey, excitement of the moment…


anyway now the air fresheners are calming down it’s starting to smell of stale cig smoke


I gave the hard plastics, seats n carpet a good clean but what about the headliner?


seen some vids on YouTube using steam to break up the dirt etc which sounds good?


but will it melt the adhesive and give a saggy headliner?


Not all headliners are created equal so after some bmw specific  advice - it’s an f10 if it matters

any hot tips?…

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Just for info, I gave this a go.


I gave the headliner a very light spray of auto glym interior cleaner, then very very lightly steamed the headliner with a microfibre towel over the steam wand, taking care to keep it moving all the time. Then gently wiped the headliner with a clean dry microfibre towel.


It didn’t pull much dirt or nicotine out, which is not what some of the tutorials show. But then again it didn’t look dirty…


not sure if it needs another go with a bit more effort, but the headlining looks fine, glue didn’t melt, no sagging or water marking. Always start gently and increase if needed!


Will give it a week and see if it’s reduced the cigarette smell…


if not it’s back to Halfords for a dozen magic trees :D

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I tried one of the smoke bomb things supposedly to freshed the AC i think they are.


Have the the heating on full recirc set it off and leave for 20 mins or something.


Approved the smoke smell no end

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